Friday, April 25, 2014

Perfect Peplum Pullover

 This is my new favorite shirt.

   I drafted this using my basic tee block, but adding some at the bustline so it isn't as tight as my last shirt. I was actually hoping to use the same style as that for this shirt, but I was a half-yard short on fabric, so I went with a half-circle peplum instead. This shirt fits perfectly... not tight, but not saggy either. It looks quite a bit more form-fitting in the photos than it actually is.

  The fabric is this Prussian Blue knit from Girl Charlee, and it is hands-down the best knit I've ever worked with. It's thick, soft, super-stretchy, and also my absolute favorite color. =)

  I love this knit so much that after I finished this shirt I went back and ordered 6 more yards of it. The only difficulty I had was that it's a jersey knit, and rolls a little, but even that was negligible compared to other jerseys I've worked with, and easily remedied with starch.

  I love the sleeves too... I should have cut the sleeve 1 inch shorter before adding the flounce, but that flounce makes me happy. It makes me want to throw my arms around in all kinds of weird directions.

  I wore this once before finishing the hems, since I didn't have matching thread, but those flounces really needed to be finished! They rolled up in all directions and looked like I was wearing tricorn hats on my arms. I lettuce-edged them as well as the hem of the peplum. The thread I used doesn't quite match, as it's more of a true navy, but it's not noticeable.

  I like this one even better than my first peplum shirt (which has sadly been reduced to household-only status due to the myriad of tiny holes that appeared in it).

I'm excited to make more things from this knit! =) Although I also really don't want to use it up because it's so perfect.

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  1. This top looks fabulous on you! The colour suits you!

    1. Thank you Anne! It's really nice that my very favorite color also looks well on me. =)

  2. Hello,
    I found your blog through lovely pinterest :) I was looking for a circle hem skirt and it was wonderful to browse through your lovely creations. God has blessed your hands. In my browsing I found that a wonderful thing exists, a remote camera shutter. But I can not figure out where I read about it on your blog! Could you lead me to the entry or just give the info on what you use? Thank you for your time,
    God Bless Virginia P

    1. Hello Virginia!
      Thank you! I am very blessed to have this gift to share with others. =)
      I wrote about the remote at the very bottom of this post (still love my remote! Although it can be a little difficult to find the type of batteries it takes) and about the second-hand camera I found in this post I hope that helps! =)