Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bias Binding And A Camera

  I haven't sewn much since bemoaning the state of my sloper... in fact, I haven't sewn on my sloper at all. I think I need some advice from a person who has actually fitted garments before, and who would know what to do. I did, however, bust out a large amount of bias binding:

  I only used 1/2 yard of fabric, but that right there is over 10 yards of 1/2" double-fold binding. Love it! And it looks so nice wrapped up on a card that I confiscated from a lace remnant:

  I was actually planning on making binding with some other fabric as well, but discovered to my chagrin that I failed to buy matching thread. Nothing I have will do, and the closest fabric stores are also lacking in options. Hopefully though, this binding will appear on a project on this blog in the near future, and I'll get the other fabric made up into binding soon. I bought 4 different sizes of bias tape makers too (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch sizes), so maybe I'll have a little fun with that. =)

  I do have other news though! I found a DSLR camera on Craigslist! It's a Canon Eos Rebel xti 400d, and came with 3 lenses, a 28-90mm zoom lens, a 18-55mm zoom lens, and a 50 mm EF lens.  =) There is just one thing I wanted in a camera that this doesn't have: video capability. Considering that I found it for just $150, the price of a good point-and-shoot, I'm more than happy. Here is my camera:
  The quality of this photo is terrible, but that is because it was taken with my old (very old) camera, whose quality is steadily declining. Once I learn to use my NEW camera properly, I'm hoping I won't have nearly as many pictures like this. Getting there is hard, so far. I'm taking hints from Delia's hugely informative and helpful Mamarazzi series, and I found a manual for my camera on the Canon website, but it's a lot to take in. I spent most of yesterday fiddling with all the settings to get used to it, and I don't think I'm any closer to understanding it than when I first started. Have any of you used a DSLR before?

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