Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh, How I Wish...

...that I could just close my eyes and a perfectly-fitting sloper would appear.
I'm so tired of removing and inserting sleeves, fighting with zippers, and checking the fit.
My first sloper turned out so bad that I tossed it and started over from scratch.... my measurements were taken incorrectly that time. On the second try, the sloper fit fairly well, but it needed some width taken out, some length added, and lots of sleeve adjustments. So I added those changes to my paper pattern, and converted it to a princess-seam style. Now it is almost perfect - except those blasted sleeves.
I know, this doesn't tell you much, but it is very sheer and doesn't cover my belly, so I'm not going to model it!
 The shoulder seam now sits at the right place, but I can't move my arms, and this is the third set of sleeves. I think, but am not sure, that I need to add a bit more ease to the sleeve cap (which is not going to be fun, as I can't get the sleeves set in smoothly as it is). I'm guessing it will also help if I add some width to the upper back. Other than that, I just need to add a tiny bit of width to the front and I'll be finished.... but I don't want to do those sleeves AGAIN. And after I'm finished perfecting this, I still need to do the lower bodice and the skirt sloper. Whew. Now you know why I'd rather make cookies.

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