Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chocolate-Dipped Blueberry Cookies

  I had some dried blueberries sitting in my cupboard yesterday and when I opened it looking for something else, I had a flash of inspiration. Blueberries in cookies! I've tried putting fruit in cookies before, but it doesn't usually work well because it adds too much moisture. Dried fruit though, might be the key. So I pulled out a basic cookie recipe and tried it:

  They were really good! These cookies were a little sweeter than I was hoping for though, so I took it to the next level... I dipped them in chocolate. =)

  And now I'm happy. Care to see how I made these? Here you go...

  Start off with some butter:

  Then add brown sugar:

  White sugar, baking soda, and baking powder:

  Vanilla extract:

  And a couple eggs:

  Beat it all together:

  Then add flour:

   Mix the flour in too:

  But don't mix it too much:

  And finally, mix in a good amount of dried blueberries:

  While your oven is heating, scoop by tablespoons onto a baking sheet:
This is the version I tried with chopped dried strawberries and white chocolate chips, which were good, but also improved by dipping in semi-sweet chocolate.

  Then flatten slightly:
Again, strawberry white-chocolate version.

  And bake...they are better if they are slightly under-baked, and when they come out, they will be a little puffy:

  But after they have cooled a little they will sink and be chewy and soft in all the right places.

  You can serve them up just like this:

  Or you can melt some chocolate with a tiny bit of coconut oil or shortening:

  And dip the cookies in it.

  I dipped just the side of some of my cookies, and just the top of others:

  When I was done dipping, I put the leftover chocolate in a bag and snipped a tiny bit off the corner, then drizzled the non-dipped side, just for fun.

  I put a little too much coconut oil in my chocolate, so they wouldn't firm up at room temperature. I just stuck mine in the refrigerator and they came out fine. In fact, I actually prefer them cold.

  So delicious.

  Here is the recipe all in one place:
  Give them a try! I think you'll like them. Oh, and for my mom, I have no doubt that these would be delicious 'healthified' =)

  Every one of these pictures were taken with my new camera... and most of them are unedited, except for the watermark and a little cropping! That makes me incredibly happy. I ordered a remote for it, as well as a spare battery, and I'm really excited to play with it more.

  Also! My Swedish Tracing Paper arrived, so I might actually get some sewing done in the near future. =)

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