Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I've Been Up To And Filling In The Blanks

  I have been sewing! But slowly, little bits at a time. Right now I'm working on this:

  So far, only two problems... I didn't add enough gathering room in the tops of the sleeves, and I don't have any buttons that look right for the bib placket. I dyed some, but I forgot that things never dye as yellow as I expect, and that plastic picks up color much faster than fabric. Instead of something a touch lighter than what was on the bottle I ended up up with this:
  Which are very pretty, but not what I want. Once done, this bodice will have sleeve bands like the one sitting on the left, a waistband to match the sleeve bands, pretty buttons, and a circle skirt. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished! =)

Meanwhile, while my sewing is going so slowly, I thought I'd take a couple minutes and fill in the blanks with luvinthemommyhood. Here goes!

* I'm longing to make "a stretch lace top" right now.

* I want to try "crocheting" with some "pure cotton" yarn.

* I wish I could sew with "quality" fabric.

* I dream of making "a wedding dress".

* I keep track of my ideas by "writing them in notebooks, drawing pictures, pinning, and bookmarking".

* I'm inspired by "everything beautiful and unique".

* I would love to meet "my favorite bloggers" in person.

* My favorite fiber is "cotton, I think".

* I like to sew with "corduroy".

* My favorite color is "navy blue".

* I rock at "designing".

* I would like to learn how to make "lace and shoes".

* I like to listen to "silence" while I "sew".

* I bring my "pen and paper" everywhere.

* My favorite thing to "sew" is "skirts".

* My favorite thing to "draw" are "dresses".

* My crafting space is "my dining table".

* If I had my own crafting room it would be "organized and pretty".

* I sew with "a Singer 9960".

* I like to "try" "new techniques".

* I can never get enough "practice".

* I adore "designing something new".

* I also enjoy "baking" and "sewing".

* I like to fill my shelves with "books, fabric, and pretty decorations". (Not that I have any shelves currently.)

* I create the best when I'm "feeling inspired and dedicated".

* I am currently excited for "a visit from my mum".

* Right now I am "trying to get enough motivation and time to actually sew".

* I love to watch "my kids being good" while creating.

* My guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is "supplies".

* My current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is "nothing".

And that's all, my friends! Here's hoping I'll actually get something done this week. =)
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  1. Haha! I enjoyed reading through your list. I like "I love to watch my kids being good while creating." I always wait for nap time!

    1. Thanks! I would use nap-time, but my oldest decided she was done with naps over a year ago. =) Your list was fun too. =)

  2. Your mum is excited for a visit with you too. ;D

    1. I'm glad she is... if she was visiting and unhappy about it I would be very confused. =)