Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Days 1-3

  I decided to join in with the challenge over at Elsie Marley after all... 1 hour of sewing on kids clothes every day for a week. So far, I've finished one garment. =) From start to finish, pattern-making to buttons, it only took 5 hours, which is incredibly fast for me. Here it is:

  It has a square neckline, inverted box pleats, and an invisible zipper... and the interior is completely finished, no raw edges! I love doing that.

  My challenge this time was to make it fully finished while inserting a zipper without any hand-stitching. That's right, even the buttons are sewn by machine. The only part I'm not really happy with is the stitching that finishes the lining edge... I didn't sew slowly enough and the stitching is visible where I don't want it to be. That, and the bodice seam in the back doesn't line up perfectly across the zipper, but it isn't super noticeable.

  I used bias tape to finish the edges in the back below the zipper, and the side seams are French-ed.

  Ready for a boatload of pictures?
That 'rustic' gate is in our front yard, and believe me, it doesn't look so good in real life.

Little rock collector

  Only 4 days left in the challenge, let's see what else I can get made!
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  1. Love the dress. Where can I find the patter?

    1. I mean pattern, of course :-)

    2. Thank you, I created my own pattern for this dress using a shirt that fit Booper well, but this pattern from Simplicity is almost identical: Hope that works for you!