Monday, October 15, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Days 4-7

  So I finished up the Kids Clothes Week Challenge having completed only one garment. Here's where I'm at with the second one:
There's that bias binding...
  To complete this, I need to sew the bloomers to the skirt, add binding and a ruffle to the bottom of the skirt, and put elastic in the bloomer legs and back waistband. It won't take too much longer, most of the time I spent on this skirt was creating the pattern.

  I want to be able to make this skirt in a range of sizes, so I started with a pants pattern to make the bloomer and skirt patterns, which took at least 8 hours. Don't ask, it was stressful and wearisome. =) It won't take nearly as long for the rest of the sizes. I probably only spent 2 hours actually sewing on this. Hopefully I will get it finished (and a shirt appliqued to match) in a couple days.
  I'm really glad I decided to accept this challenge, because it made me realize how slow I really am at sewing, and see how much I can improve. It's been fun, I hope I get a chance to do this again. Although hopefully next time it won't be during such a hectic week. =)

  I have one other dress I'm waiting on sharing - I need to make a second one so I can photograph some parts I missed the first time and finish the tutorial. It will be done sometime next week, I hope.

Anyway! Thanks for stopping by,

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