Monday, October 29, 2012

New Dress!

  I mentioned the other day that I was making myself another crossover nursing dress... well, I've finished it!
  I took pictures the whole way through, for a full tutorial, but since I was sewing mostly at night and the lighting in our house is truly horrible, most of them are terribly blurry or awfully grainy. I'll see what I can do with the rest of them though. =)

  I made the changes I suggested on the last dress... tighter waistband, shortened front overlay... but instead of interfacing the cutouts I faced them with some knit, topstitched it, and trimmed close to the stitching. This time I also made half-length cuffed sleeves instead of long sleeves. I wanted to/ am going to add horsehair braid in the hem for a little fullness, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I've just temporarily hemmed the dress with a twin needle. I do like how this one turned out better, but I am still having trouble with the ruffles trying to flip the wrong way, and I'm not sure how to fix it without adding an entire extra layer. Of course, I could just leave the ruffles off for a plainer dress. =)

  Also! I think I may have possibly kind of decided on a design for my lace top! I'm thinking sweet and flowy, but my husband took one look at my design and said, 'pregnant', which is why I'm still not positive. Here's what I'm thinking:
  The writing came out blurry (taking a photo of a 2-inch drawing in a dark room is hard), so from the top clockwise it says: lace top, v-neck, square underlay, curved bodice seam, straight back darts, circular flounce, front gathers, half circle for lining, flared sleeves, angled bust darts. What do you think? Does it look pretty, or does it look like it's meant for maternity? If I do decide to go for this, I'm going to do a mock-up in a light woven to see how it will work on me.

  I was hoping to finish the tutorial for my nursing dress today, but I've got a whopper of a headache, and my monitor is not helping, so hopefully tomorrow.

  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The dress was very pretty. The lace top does not look like a maternity top to me! It looks like it will be very pretty.

    1. Thank you! I like this dress enough that I might make a third one, with some other variations. =) Thank you for the input on the lace top as well. =)