Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fuschia Dotted Knit Tee

  Before I made that little knit dress for Beckers, I made a shirt for myself from the same fabric.

  I used the same pattern as the grey shirt I made a few months ago, but slimmed down the waist so I didn't have to gather the front. I also did a circle for the hemline instead of a square.

  In the pattern, there are still a couple things that need fixing... I need to widen the pattern a bit at the bustline, since I accidentally took that in when I took the waist in, and I need to lower the neckline so the neckband doesn't come up so high on the neck, especially in the back.

  As for the may be cute for a baby dress but it just doesn't work on me. The chances of me ever wearing this shirt (other than for photos, obviously) are about zero. I DON'T wear bright colors, and I don't do patterns, particularly not dots. I don't know what I was thinking when I made this! To my credit, I thought this was a much deeper color when I bought it, and my sewing area is way too dark at night, which is when I made this.

  Anyway, since I'm not likely to ever wear it, I'd like to know if anyone who reads this is around my size and would want it? If not it's probably going to end up at the thrift store. Bust is 42", waist is 34", but it would work better on a bust 1-3 inches smaller. All you gotta do is ask! =)

 I think this pattern would work really well as a maternity top, too. (No, I'm not pregnant.)

  I'm glad I made it just for the pattern-adjusting I was able to do, even if I don't like the results in this particular fabric.

  And this knit, even though the pattern is too much for me, is seriously nice... so soft and stretchy!

  I made another shirt after this one that I like MUCH better. I still need to finish the hems, but I need some matching thread first. I'll share it after it's done. =)

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  1. You know what? That might actually fit me. It looks like we're of a similar build and sounds like a similar size. If you really dont want it ill take it and give it a whirl. Even though you're not in love with the fabric the pattern is really pretty. And you know I love me some polka dots.

    1. Awesome! I think it will look great on you, and if it's not quite the right size you know how to sew and can alter it. =) I'll send it your way.

  2. Hi! I love all the sewing that you have done for yourself and the girls. I can't believe how big the baby is! Goodness, time goes so fast! Enjoy every moment with your precious little ones. I blinked and my two are in college! Hugs, Karen

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean.... every day is full of challenges, but every day I can't help but notice how quickly they are changing. I already miss their younger selves. Blessings, Charity