Sunday, December 2, 2012

Peplum Shirt

  I'm not a trendy person... I have my own style and I stick to it fairly well. I designed this shirt long before peplum clothing was all over the place, but I didn't have an appropriate fabric to make it from, and forgot about it until now. Several days ago I saw Disney's post over at I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar for her Refashionista series, and it reminded me of my initial design. Since I had a bunch of white knit lying around, I decided to go for it! My version is more like the one Disney's little girl is wearing.

  I did a double layer flounce, with one a touch longer than the other. Mine don't have any side seams, but are cut as single pieces. The bodice is fully lined, since I have yet to find a white knit that is not slightly transparent.

  The sleeves are 3/4 length and are gathered at the sides with some bronze rose buttons tacking down the gathers.

  To my surprise, my husband really likes this shirt! I was expecting him to think it was one of those silly women things, but he thinks it looks really pretty. =)

  I love it too. =) I like that is super-comfortable, but more interesting than a basic t-shirt.

  I also love how easy it is to dress up with a ribbon sash and corsage.

  How about you? Are you a trendy person, or do you make your own style?

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  1. I like this. It is especially nice with the brown tie and flower.

    1. Thank you. =) And since I didn't sew the sash and flower on, they will be easy to change out if I want to use a different color. =)

  2. It is pretty. :) I am a person who makes her own styles of the latest trend. Ex. I like jeans with the sparkly pockets, but I'll wear those with a T-shirt or something. Or I like shirts with no shoulder seem, the one that the sleeves just go down, I'll wear those with a jean skirt, so I guess it just depends on what mood I am in. :) Have a blessed day! Jeremiah 1:8

    1. Thank you! =) I think it is more fun to make my own style than to be tied to the trends. Have a blessed day yourself. =)

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