Friday, December 7, 2012

1st Birthday!

Gaiw turned 1 year old yesterday! =)
Gaiw now
Gaiw 1 year ago. =)
 I made Gaiw a fun birthday cake... fun because I enjoyed decorating it, even though my hand was shaky the whole time. Also fun because I managed to make a strawberry-flavored cake with no artificial flavors! The trick was strawberries pureed, cooked over low heat until reduced to 1/4, and substituted for part of the liquid in the cake recipe. It still needs more strawberry flavor, so next time I'll do twice as much strawberry puree, but I am so happy that it actually tasted like strawberry!

  Here Gaiw is, getting ready to try out the cake.

I think she liked it. =)

 And here Gaiw is with the gifts her grandparents got her:

 I also made Gaiw the blue dress she is wearing... up-cycled from a ladies shirt. I want to change the sleeves slightly though. =)

Covered in cake, but she is happy!
  So happy birthday to my little daughter, who is not a baby anymore. =) I love you!

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