Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

  Things have been a little quiet around here lately. I've been quite busy creating, but since everything I'm making is a gift for someone, and every one of those people read this blog occasionally, I can't actually share everything yet. So far, I have finished gifts for 5 people... only 8 more gifts on my list. Luckily, I'm partway done with 2 more, and I can leave 2 off completely if I run out of time. I'm not going to show any full pictures lest I spoil the surprise, but here is a peek of what I've made so far:

  I've only wrapped one gift so far... this one is for a gift exchange, so the name is blurred. =) I used a paper bow printable from , a cinnamon-scented dough ornament, a little washi tape, satin ribbon, and a box I made from brown packaging paper for this gift. I love wrapping gifts, although they don't always turn out like I'd hoped. On this one, the ornament is bigger than I was aiming for, but still cute! If I like how the wrapping turns out on the rest of the gifts, I'll share those here too. =)

So if I'm completely missing in the next couple weeks, you know what I'm doing... preparing for Christmas!
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  1. :) :) I'm not one of those last two I hope.. =P
    What do you want for Christmas anyway??


    1. Nope, your gift was one of the first I finished! =) The ones I might leave off are for the newborn nephews... I have a cute idea for them if I have time to finish it, but they aren't going to care if I don't make it in time.
      Me, for Christmas? Fabric, of course! Or cooking tools. =)