Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where I Disappeared To

 You might have noticed, or maybe you didn't, how long it has been since I last posted. Not to worry, I was just so busy sewing and at a wedding that I didn't have time to post! I finished up the alterations to my dress, although they were far from perfect.

  I then sewed up two skirts and two shirts, all of which I have yet to photograph, before packing a ridiculous amount of things (I somehow managed to wear every single thing I packed) and heading to Oregon for my brother's wedding and a week-long vacation.
The deck where we stayed... and both daughters' favorite location when not out and about.
We relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful fog and rain for a few days before I got back to work... I don't think I mentioned before that the final thing I had to create for this wedding was the cake! Luckily, the bride chose an uncomplicated design, though it still greatly taxed my limited skills.
  Since my brother and his new wife are coffee aficionados to the point of running a small coffee shop, a mocha cake was requested... which recipe took a few iterations to get tasting right. In the end it was quite a bit more chocolate than coffee, but everyone loved it anyway. =)
  The flowers are silk, since I knew I'd be taking enough time just getting the frosting smooth without trying to make flowers too. And let me tell you, it took me most of a day just to do the base layer of frosting on these, and I couldn't get it smooth for anything. I finally melted some frosting and poured it over the tops of the cakes, and let the decorations cover the sides. The lowest tier of cake developed some cracks as soon as I moved it, but it worked well for the top two tiers.

Here is the tally for making a cake this size:
2.5 days
4.5 lb flour
4 lb sugar
1.5 lb cocoa powder
About 1/2 cup instant coffee
12 eggs
9 lb powdered sugar
3.5 lbs butter
3 oz almond extract
2 oz vanilla extract
... along with small amounts of water, milk, baking powder and soda, and salt.

  This was my first time making a pillared cake, but it was surprisingly simple with this pillar/stand set (affiliate link). I only used the 12, 10, and 8 inch plates, and should have paid more attention to lining the pillars up with each other, but it wasn't hard to use at all.

  And those are all the photos I have of the wedding, since I was too busy being a part of it to take more! It was beautiful though, and I'm so grateful that I was able to participate. I may share a few photos of the bride and groom later. =)

  And now for a few vacation photos. =) We stayed in a beautiful condo with views of the ocean and river, and far more room than I was expecting. It was perfect.
View of the harbor from the deck where we stayed

View of the bridge across the river... isn't the fog beautiful?

Looking down from the deck

   We visited the beach a couple times, but I only took photos on one trip... most of which turned out with little blurs through them from the daughters running around so much. =)

On the way down to the beach... wouldn't you just love to sit here for a few hours?

  Gaiw was impressed with the rocks and sand:

  And Booper loved the waves, and kept climbing on rocks with her Papa to watch them.

  Can you believe I was blessed enough to live here for a few years? I miss it.

  We also visited some redwoods in California...
Beautiful tall trees

A hidey-hole

  And spent several fun evenings with my parents in their beautiful home.

  This is my father with Gaiw and Booper...no photos of my mother, because she greatly dislikes having her picture taken. =) Also! See the charcoal drawing in the top right of this photo? I drew that about 6 years ago.... another thing that is less than perfect but fun to have created. =)

  And finally, here is Booper with a gift from her grandpa and uncle A... a child's guitar that she adores.

  I'm so sad that I had to leave such a lovely place and my family behind yet again, but so happy that I did get to spend some time with them. =)

  I'll try to get some photos of the skirts and shirts I made soon, simple though they be, and share them. I also have pieces cut out for one more maternity shirt before little Beckers arrives (only a month and a week until she is due!)

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  1. Charity, you look stunning in your lovely dress! I can't believe you also made that gorgeous cake in addition to all the wedding sewing. You were their 'wedding angel', I think! Gaiw (how is this pronounced?) and Booper are adorable in their boots and that lovely curly hair. Your dad looks so young to be a grandfather. He looks to be about the age my Tim was when we started our family. (We started REALLY late....but certainly better late than never!) I think that you have another hidden talent: drawing! I don't think there is anything you can't do!

    1. Thank you so much! The sewing and cake were a big deal to me, but I wasn't the only 'wedding angel'... there were so many lovely people helping so much!
      Gaiw is pronounced like Gail, but with a W... Booper came up with that nickname when she couldn't pronounce the actual name. =)
      It's hard to believe that my dad will be 50 this year! But yes, he still is on the young side to be a grandfather to 3. =)
      Aww, thank you! Drawing doesn't come as easily as it used to, but for a while I really loved it.