Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scalloped Denim Skirt

  I love this skirt... I almost want to make it in my size:

  It's another half-circle skirt, but with elastic in the back waistband, fully lined (and reversible!) and with a scalloped hem. Also, this skirt is not in my size, but in Booper's size.

  I only put pockets on the denim side, which means that I have yet to convince Booper to wear it floral-side out, other than for photos, but I shall prevail! =)

  This skirt has a pretty good amount of twirl to it, which means I ended up with quite a few photos like this one:

  And like this one:

  It took a while to sew all those scallops! But I went very slowly, since curves aren't an area I'm fully confident in... I think they turned out pretty well. =)

  The hard part was clipping into the point of the scallops deeply enough that they didn't pucker when I turned it right side out. I put fray check at the top of each point once I noticed that they were going to pull through... I wish I had done it before clipping though. There has to be a better way to stabilize that area so I don't get puckers or fraying though.

  The waistband on this was really difficult! The skirt took a lot of fabric, and I had two other projects to cut out of the remainder, so when it came to cutting the waistband I had to really skimp on the seam allowances. I used the floral fabric for the waistband on the denim side, and a denim waistband on the floral side. =)

  I didn't really love this fabric when I first bought it... just liked, not loved, but now I really wish I'd bought more. It's a quilting cotton exclusively for Joann's, and as I said, I have some other projects to show from the same fabrics: a simple skirt for Gaiw (finished, need photos), and a little dress for Beckers that I'm not quite done with. =) And truly, I can imagine no end of little garments that I would love in these fabrics. Also a nursing cover... or a carseat cover... or... or... Maybe I should just buy some more of it. =)

   I'll be back once I have photos of Gaiw's simple skirt.... Kid's Clothes Week is going quite well this season! =)

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  1. The skirt is adorable, Charity, and your scallops are perfect. Fray check was a really good idea. When I sew scallops like this, I do not cut them out first. I trace the scallops on one of the fabrics, put them right sides together, and sew on my drawn lines. Then I trim to about one quarter inch, grading to about one eighth inch near the points of the scallops. The last thing that I do is to clip to within two threads of the point. The only time I have had trouble with the the stitching pulling out is when my two fabrics weren't matched for weight or when I clipped too close. I will remember your fray check tip. :)

    1. Thank you! That actually is exactly how I sewed my scallops, and it is definitely easier than cutting first... the only thing I'd do differently would be to use the fray check before turning the skirt right side out. =) The denim, while lightweight, is still quite a bit heavier than the floral fabric, so maybe that was why I was having trouble with some stitching pulling out... I would like to make another skirt like this in some lighter weight fabrics. =)