Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Shirt and Some Skirts

I finally sorted through the photos I took the other day and am ready to show you the things I made a few weeks ago! For myself, a shirt and skirt:

  I created the shirt pattern from a maternity shirt I love but that has a very sad tear in it. Sadly, my version didn't come out as well as the original. Somehow my bodice pieces all came out about 3/4 of an inch shorter than the original, even though I traced carefully and added seam allowances after... not sure what happened there. And also, I couldn't find a fabric with enough drape for a good price in the amount of time I had to sew this shirt, so I used a quilting cotton... from the front and back it works fine, but I often get this going on from the side:

  I want to try this pattern again with a little length added to the upper front bodice pieces and in a nicer fabric... but I probably won't end up doing so until the next baby, whenever that will be. =)

  The original shirt had a collar and stand, but I left the collar off and like the look of it much better this way. There are a couple pleats under the bust, panels in the lower front section, and princess seams in the back with shirring:
  I wish the seaming showed up a little better, because it is a fun feature of this shirt. A solid-color fabric would work a lot better because of that. In spite of the bad fabric choice, I really like this shirt. I'm hugely pleased that I finished it in only 2 days, and that I have lots of pretty top-stitching with clean facings and a crisp collar.

The skirt is another super-simple half-circle with a maternity waistband/panel. This time, I took 8 inches of ease out before calculating my half-circle and measured along the curve of the panel before cutting it out to make sure it was close to my actual measurements. The knit I used for the panel doesn't have as much recovery as I was hoping for, so it does get a little loose and slides down a bit after a couple hours, but it works a lot better than my original version.

  This skirt was an incredibly quick sew, even though this denim was just a bit too thick for a rolled hem, so I had to pin and sew. For a slower seamstress like me, it's almost miraculous to see a completed adult garment in half a day.  =) It's really simple, but this skirt is a perfect basic addition to my wardrobe. I was going to add a few rows of machine embroidery around the hem, but started wearing it before I had fully decided on the colors and stitches, and it's been in regular rotation since then, with no time to sew on it. =) In case you want a peek of the maternity panel:

  I made one other thing for myself recently, but have no photos... it's a very basic long-sleeved white layering tee. I recently realized that all of mine didn't cover my belly enough, and the necklines didn't work well with the things I wanted to layer with. My new one has a slight boat-neck to it.

  Booper has been in need of some skirts too, so I used the leftover fabric from my skirt and made her one. I didn't have a whole piece that was long enough, so I cut a main piece and a lengthening piece, then sandwiched some pretty crochet trim between when sewing them together. This skirt has an elastic back and a flat front. Booper is wearing this with her Junebug tunic, which turned out to be one of her favorite shirts. =)

  And I have a couple more things to show you! First, Gaiw (aka Mischief) wearing a skirt I made when Booper was about 11 months old:

  It was cute on Booper too:

  Finally, this amazing quilt that our Tia Eva made for Gaiw:

  Isn't that just beautiful? Look at all of this perfect embroidery:

  I love this quilt! I hope that someday I will be able to do such beautiful embroidery, and bless other people with gifts like this. Booper has a quilt from Tia Eva too, but I can't find my photos of it. Thank you, Tia Eva! =)

  Now to see if I can finish that last maternity shirt and maybe some newborn clothes before Beckers arrives... 4 weeks and 2 days until the due date! =)

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  1. AWWWW ~Miss mischief~

    1. She thinks it is outrageously funny to dump water on everything... Definitely mischievous. =)

  2. Great job with all the tops and skirts for you and the girls. I am always amazed at how much you get done with your little ones. The quilt is lovely and such a special gift. Have a wonderful day, Charity!

    1. Thank you! I always feel like I get so little done... it's all about perspective. =) I hope you have a wonderful day too! =)

  3. Awesomeness. Seriously. I used to have a dress out of the same fabric as gaiws skirt and I loved it to pieces. lit-er-al-eyyy... I love your shirt. I can't get oer the fact that you're that amazing at sewing. Anywho, awesome job. Tia make the bestest-est quilts she truly is talented! Remember, no castor oil or long walks until I get back from camp! ;-)- Hannarabi.

    1. Thank you! The daughters' have worn some of their handmade clothes to literal pieces too. =) I'm glad you think so! Just remember that I used to be truly awful at it... everything I made back then was so bad it got thrown away and I have no sad examples to show. ;-)
      Tia Eva is just amazing. =)
      I'll try to keep this baby comfortable until you get back. =)