Monday, July 22, 2013

Simple Denim Skirt With Contrast Band

  Here is the second thing I made with these denim and floral fabrics (the first was the scalloped skirt for Booper, here):

  This skirt was really simple.... just two rectangles plus pockets and some elastic.
  The hardest part on this one was the pockets! And even those weren't difficult. =) Gaiw loves the pockets, although it will take her some more practice to get the hang of putting her hands in:

  And now I'm just going to barrage you with photos of Gaiw, since she doesn't get much face time on this blog, and I don't have anything else to say about a skirt this simple. =)
Love the round little belly

Spinning... very slowly. =)

Half of a smile

She likes her belly too... and any other belly. =)

Coordinating sisters

Figuring out how to work the pockets...

I think this photo is hilarious... the crying little Gaiw and the peeking Booper. =)

   One more thing to show from this fabric, and for Kid's Clothes Week, then I'm done. =)

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