Monday, June 4, 2012

Triple Ruffle Skirt

  Here is a skirt I whipped up* a few months ago on a whim. The main portion of it is the same as my pleats and panels skirt, but the waistband is like these ones, and instead of pleats I added a triple ruffle.
  I used the backing of an old duvet cover for the fabric -only $12 and I have half the back and the whole front left to use up! Unfortunately it is a little on the thin side, and being white it was a little see-through to begin with, so I also added a simple lining from an old sheet.
   I didn't want to attach all three ruffles in one spot because I was afraid with the thin fabric it would tear, so I sewed two of them onto the lining.
 There are a couple things that are 'grr' about this skirt... it wrinkles far too easily, and the waistband pulled the fabric in instead of stretching like it usually does, so it bubbles a little.
  I'm happy with the ruffles though, they are just like I imagined, and with the knit waistband I can keep wearing even when I get pregnant again (which won't be for a while, since Gaiw is only 6 months old this month).
  I not sure what I was thinking though... a white skirt with two little kids around? I must have mommy-brain. I'm sadly spill-prone too, but at least it is washable. =)
   Anyway, that's my ruffly skirt!
 *When I say 'whipped up' I mean it took me only 7.5 hours instead of the usual 20 plus ;-)
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