Thursday, May 31, 2012

Orange Sherbert and Vanilla Ice Cream Shirt

  This is another quick and easy project I did.
  Awhile back, I had a shirt in my husband's favorite color, construction orange. I hardly wore it, because it just wasn't feminine enough for me. Also, it had short sleeves, and I'm not fond of showing off the jiggles that reside on my upper arms. I just don't wear sleeves shorter than elbow length in public. I had a long-sleeved white shirt that I also didn't wear, because it was too see-through, so I combined the two. These are what I started with:
  At first, I chopped off the body of the white shirt, made it into strips, pleated those strips and added them to the hem of the orange shirt. I also cut the white sleeves off and sewed them under the ones on the orange shirt. It turned out like this:
  My husband wasn't particularly happy with it though, he thought the pleats looked funny. I kind of liked them, kind of didn't. They girly-ed  the shirt up, buy they flared out some from the shirt and with the multiple layers they added a lot of bulk.

  This shirt went back in my closet and sat there, completely unworn, until this week, when I changed it again. I picked the pleated section off and replaced it with a plain section, then lettuce-edged the bottom of that. I also added a strip of the white around the neckline, to help balance the colors a little. Here it is now:
  It's much better... It seems more feminine to me, and it is actually long enough because the strip at the bottom. Most importantly, I don't have to let anyone see my jiggly arms. ;-) The colors remind me of that sherbert-ice-cream swirl that I've seen at the stores, orange and vanilla. Yummy. 

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PS: The skirt is my pleats and panels one.

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