Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paneled Skirt with Pleated Ruffle

This is my latest creation:
 It is a 6-paneled skirt with pleats from the knee down, snaps at the waistband, and plenty of top-stitching.
 A tutorial is in the works. Meanwhile, here are a couple more pictures:
(Yes, my boots ARE on the right feet. My legs are just crossed, for some reason that I cannot recall)
Here is a closer picture of the waistband. I almost never tuck my shirts in, but somehow it makes me oddly happy that the corner above the snaps is curved. =)

EDIT: The tutorial is finished! Part 1, making the pattern, is HERE
Part 2, cutting the fabric, is HERE
Part 3, sewing the skirt, is HERE
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  1. It's very cute! It looks professionaly made too! :)


    1. Thank you! I do try to make things look professional. =)