Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still Sewing and Saying 'Grr'

  I've been a little busy lately, but I've been working on something that includes this:
  Here are a few of the snags I've run into so far:
  I was short on fabric and had to use quarter-inch seam allowances on all my vertical seams... I am definitely not used to such a small seam allowance.
  I ran out of thread on my tiny serger and had to try to wind a new spool from a large-sized spool of thread. That wasn't exactly easy... it would take far too long to do by hand so I had to hold the large spool and the serger spool down so they wouldn't fly off my machine while lifting the thread up so it wound onto the spool instead of the winder.
  I had a chunk of lint in my machine (presumably from the orange sherbert shirt, since I had cleaned my machine just before that) that stopped the needle in its tracks until I cleared it out.
  My bobbin tension was giving me all kinds of trouble, throwing terrible loops all over the backside of my seam.... I tried everything to fix it and finally found out that the bobbin wasn't wound correctly.
  Lots of fun on this one so far... my husband really thinks I hate sewing for all the growling I do. =)
 I also have other things keeping me busy. Tomorrow, for example, I have plans to go sew bonnets with my mother-in-love. She is making a lot of them for a youth function her church is having, so I get to help out... we have sewn bonnets together two other times in the past month or so, and it is a lot of fun. I find mass-producing to be surprisingly enjoyable. I like doing it assembly-line style: one section of stitching on all of the bonnets, then the next section for all of them.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and maybe I'll have something to show you all in the near future!

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