Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Prairie Bonnet

  I went to my mother-in-love's* house on Thursday as planned, and we sewed some bonnets together.
  I didn't sew nearly as many as I had hoped to, due to an unhappy little child. Gaiw missed her afternoon nap and was quite grumpy after that point. I did finish two bonnets and parts of two more... all told, across all visits, I believe I completed five bonnets, most of two, and parts of four. =) I put one on Booper, my two-year-old (Not her real name ;-)) to take a couple pictures. I kept asking her to hold still, but I kept getting pictures like the one above and this one:
  Which are cute, but not really what I was looking for. In the middle of snapping pictures, my phone rang, and when I came back, I found this:
  Perfect, right? She adores books, although she doesn't even know her letters yet, so this is not posed in the slightest. The bonnets are for girls that are bigger than she is, so if it looks a little big, that is why. =)

  Besides bonnets, I'm still working on the project I mentioned in my last post, and doing a little cooking.
I made a no-bake cheesecake for the first time this week, using the recipe from Joy of Baking. I don't love pie-cherries and didn't have any on hand either, so I used seedless raspberry jam... it was very good, although not quite what I was expecting. I think I prefer baked cheesecake.
  I used half of the recipe in a small-size spring-form pan and tried something a little different with the second half... I pressed it into a heart-shaped pan and pressed the crust gently on top, then chilled it for several hours. To release it from the pan, I ran a knife around the edges and held the bottom of the pan in warm water for a minute, then flipped it onto a plate. It took a little tapping, but it slid out pretty quickly. It wasn't smooth around the edges when it came out either, so I smoothed it a little with clean fingers and a little more warm water, then put it back in the refrigerator to chill. I topped it with the jam right before we ate it. =)
   (I am SO not a food photographer)
I also have some other news, but it will have to wait, because it is way past my bedtime. =)
Thanks for stopping by,

*For anyone unfamiliar with the term, mother-in-love is a mother-in-law that you actually like. =)

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