Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing For Someone Else

  So here's the news that I didn't have time to talk about on Saturday... my cousin's friend, Leslie, found out that I sew and commissioned me to make a dress for her! I'm more than a little bit nervous, I've never been paid for sewing something before, never altered a pattern like this, never sewn with this kind of fabric....
 Here are the fabric and pattern I will be using, Leslie wants the short-sleeved version but without the overlay:
  My husband says the fabric reminds him of corn-husks, and that is what it feels like too. It's very crispy. It will be interesting to work with.
  Unfortunately, I can't begin until I pick up some matching thread and lining, as well as a few buttons. I hope I can make it properly, because this is the wrong size pattern, and I'm going to have to do some altering. I'll have to change the length too, but I'm thinking that isn't going to be so difficult. I haven't made alterations like this before. I think I can do it though!

 Also, I finished the project I keep mentioning, look for a new post in the next few days!
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