Sunday, January 31, 2016

All I Need Stenciled Shirt

  I've decided to make birthday gifts for all of my closest relatives this year. This means I'll be making 28 gifts total! It's not so crazy as trying to make Christmas gifts for everyone though. =) I've missed one birthday so far (I'll still be making that gift, but it will be late) but I've finished four peoples' gifts!

  This first set is actually not for a relative, but for my sisters' and brother's best friend, MJ. I trawled her Pinterest boards for a while to make sure I'd be giving her something she liked, and found that she'd pinned this saying several times:

  I whipped the saying up in Silhouette Studio using a handful of different fonts. I wanted to cut it from vinyl, but didn't have a color I liked to go with these fabrics, so I decided to stencil it. Only I was also out of freezer paper! Luckily I had some full-sheet sticker paper that worked... the lines aren't quite as crisp as they would be with freezer paper but are still pretty clean. I did manage to get paint outside of my stencil but I'm trying to just ignore that! I tried to match the lettering to the green in the fabric. It's a tiny bit dark, but I didn't have enough white paint to lighten it further.

  I used some plain black knit for the body of the shirt, bought from Girl Charlee a year or so ago... it's thinner than I prefer but has nice stretch and recovery and doesn't pill or fade. The accents are made from fabric leftover from this shirt. I used Jalie 2805 to make the shirt, the 3/4 sleeve, round-neck version. I lettuce-edged the hem:
  And the sleeves:

  I usually use just one fabric when I'm making a shirt, but it was fun using a combination this time!

  I used Heidi and Finn's free slouchy beanie pattern to make a hat to go with it... I used this pattern before here, and it was quite loose, which means the largest size worked perfectly for an adult-sized hat.

  And because it doesn't look like much laid flat and she was handy, here is Beckers modeling it for me;

  I'm happy to report that MJ liked her gifts! And I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. =)

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  1. That is so fun! I wouldn't have thought to change out the fabrics like that.

    1. Thank you! I saw some ladies making raglan shirts with floral sleeves a while ago and figured there was no reason not to do the same with a regular shirt! =)

  2. That's lovely! I admire your goal to make those 28 gifts. I think it would send me over the edge...

    1. Thank you! I'm planning to keep things really simple for most of the gifts. I've done Christmas gifts for all of my closest relatives, before this latest batch of 4 babies. I think it will be a lot easier spread out over the whole year though! ;-)