Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Parkour Stenciled Shirt

  My youngest sister has an activity level that is at least double mine. One of her interests is parkour, and it's pretty fun to watch her vault over things! For her birthday this year, I made her a shirt to reflect that interest:

   This is the round-neck and 3/4 sleeve variation of Jalie 2805. I sewed it up in my absolute favorite fabric ever (the same fabric I used for this shirt) with accents from a bargain-lot fabric I bought from Girl Charlee last year. I stenciled the maze and wording using two separate sheets of sticker paper and some acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium.

  As usual, I lettuce-edged the hem:

  And the sleeves:

  I really love this fabric combination... I wish I had more than just scraps left of the accent fabric!

  I also made her a slouchy beanie using the same fabrics.

  Here is Beckers modeling the hat:

  I really enjoy giving this sister gifts, because she always loves them! And this time was no exception. =)

  I've been busy lately making some cute things for my daughters, so I should be back soon-ish with those. =)

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  1. I had never heard of parkour before! Thanks for the enlightenment! I love your spin on it for this look.

    1. It's really cool to watch... people can do some pretty amazing things! Thank you. =)