Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snowflake Outfit: The Shirt

Today I have lots to say about the shirt I made for this outfit! =)

  I did a brief search for knit for this shirt while I was shopping for the tulle skirt and overskirt fabrics, but I didn't find what I had in mind, so I figured Booper could just wear a plain white shirt that she already had... but the more I thought about it the less I wanted to leave this piece out! I looked online in a few places but still didn't find anything quite right... and finally I remembered my upcycling box, and thought there just might be something that would work there. And there was!

  I was planning on using Jalie 2805 again, but the t-shirt I had in the box, although it was the perfect color, has very little stretch. I ended up cutting Booper's size from the Jalie pattern, but added 1/2" at the side and sleeve seams. Overall that adds 2", which made it wide enough to get on even without the extra stretch! I also lengthened the shirt by 2", and the sleeves by some number I can't recall... probably 1".

  I just barely managed to squeak the pieces out of the shirt... luckily it was an XL! I couldn't use the sleeves of the shirt because they were short. I didn't re-use the hems either, because I knew I wanted to lettuce-edge those:

  I did re-use the neckline ribbing, cutting it down to the proper size, for the neckband.

  And then I got to work with my Silhouette and prepared as many snowflakes as I could fit on a 12" by 12" sheet of white heat transfer vinyl... I considered using silver but I'm glad I didn't. I cut 23 different snowflakes, but ended up leaving two off because the vinyl wasn't quite 12" wide after all and the edges of them got cut off. After I cut these I found even more snowflakes in my Silhouette library that I could have used.... I guess you might say that I like snowflakes! ;-)

  I spent quite a while ironing these on to the shirt pieces before I sewed the shirt together... I used parchment paper atop the backing this time and I feel like it really helped the backing to stay flat, as well as making it easier to move the iron around. I also ironed from the back of the fabric to make sure everything was stuck well. It's already been through the washer and dryer once and it still looks great!

  I am super-happy with how this shirt turned out, in spite of my preference for stretchier fabric!

  Heat transfer vinyl... amazing stuff! =)

  Details on the jacket soon-ish! =)

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  1. I can't decide which piece I love most. This whole outfit is crazy cute.

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy with it... and so glad I didn't leave anything out! =)

  2. I love those snowflakes! I'm wondering if the top being a little less stretchy might help with longevity for those snowflakes. A lot of iron on products tend to crack when they get stretched out, no?

    1. Thank you! You might be right about that... I haven't noticed any cracking with the Siser Easyweed, but it does seem like more stretch could cause more problems. I won't mind a bit if they last extra-long! =)