Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Peplum and Cardigan

  Hello there! It's been a bit since my last post, and though I'm over the morning sickness and have been sewing when I get the chance, I still don't have pretty photos of finished objects to share. I do, however, have these crummy photos of a couple garments I finished in January and February. I was hoping to take some better ones before posting them, but at this point I just don't think that's going to happen!

  First up, a cardigan. I ended up with this fabric as part of a trade in the Girl Charlee Knit Fix Facebook group. It's a baby hacci sweater knit, which I'd never worked with before, and definitely out of my comfort zone pattern-wise, so I gained a bit of experience in using it. ;-)

  I used my basic tee pattern, sized up a bit and flared out below the waist, to create a cardigan pattern. I should have removed some of the bust fullness at the side seam. This fabric is difficult to ease smoothly, and since I sized up a bit I didn't need the extra fullness anyway.

  I just barely managed to cut this out of the fabric I had, and still matched the stripes somewhat. The center back seam was my best matching, although I didn't have quite enough to match the pattern repeat horizontally and vertically. The neckband/scarf bit is just a long folded strip and the hems are lettuce-edged. This was a fun sew and I like the way it turned out, but it really hasn't been worn much. The fabric is just too bold for me. I may eventually re-use the cardigan pattern with a few tweaks though. =)

  And next, a simple peplum shirt, also made using my basic tee pattern. I made the peplum as a half-circle to be sure it would fit the fabric, and I decided to put the peplum seam on the side instead of the back. This print isn't directional, so it didn't look funny, and the seam is lot less noticeable this way.

  I accidentally put the waist seam a bit higher than I meant to, but it still works. This fabric was bought in the same Facebook group. It's also bolder than most of my clothes, but I've worn this shirt quite a bit. I think this shirt has the prettiest neckband I've ever managed to sew!
 Once again, the hems are just lettuce-edged, and that's about all I have to say about this shirt. =)

  Hopefully I'll have a chance to finish and photograph a couple of things in the near future... see you then! =)

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  1. You should totes wear that cardigan!!! It looks soft and comfy! I couldn't even see right away where our center back seam was--well done. I am terrible at matching up the pattern on fabrics--it only ever works for me when I forget to try to do it and it's an accident :)

    1. I might wear it occasionally once the weather is cool enough again... it is pretty comfortable! =) I generally do a much worse job at matching the pattern too. I tried cutting one piece at a time this time and laying that piece face-down on the fabric for it's mirrored piece. It did help! And I stuck the seams together with wash-away wonder tape before sewing, which helped even more. It took a while though!

  2. Oh, pretty! I never noticed the center back seam until you pointed it out. Nice matching! I like the half circle peplum too. It gives that peplum flare but with less volume.

    1. Thank you! I am pretty happy with how that seam turned out. =)
      I love half-circle peplums! They are really flattering for me.