Sunday, May 17, 2015

Baby Gifts

  My sister-in-love is having her first baby next month! I decided to make a dress for my new niece... and somehow ended up making her a dress, bloomers, bonnet, toy, and card. (I had pieces cut for a pair of baby shoes too, but didn't end up finishing those.) I bought her a book too, which was requested in lieu of a card at the baby shower. I ended up missing the shower due to a hospitalized relative (who is home now and doing much better), but decided to gift the book anyway. I'm really happy with how it all turned out. This post might end up long, but here goes! =)

  Here is the whole gift set!

  First, the dress. Seeing the beautiful Fawn Lily Tunic that Terra of Mama Says Sew made reminded me that this pattern goes all the way down to a 0-3 month size, making it perfect for a new baby gift. I spent several hours (no, really) agonizing over fabric combinations and finally landed on this one.

  The green is a quilting cotton from Joann's a couple of years ago, the pink is a fun seersucker sent to me by my Grandma about 5 years ago (I used some in another colorway here) and the yellow is another bit of the really pretty sheet that I picked up somewhere... I also used it for this skirt.

  I went with the button-front, cap-sleeve, gathered below-the-knee skirt options this time. I still love this pattern! I used a really short stitch length for the sleeves this time and didn't snip quite as close to the stitching, and didn't have any problems with the stitches pulling out this time. It was really difficult to wrestle the whole dress through those tiny sleeves though! I went ahead and just serged the interior again. My serger was NOT happy about those gathers, but otherwise it went well.

  I hand-sewed the last open bit of the sleeves, rather than edge-stitching the whole sleeve. I also made a few tags with some white fabric and printable iron on transfer paper (affiliate link),and hand-sewed one in the back of the dress.

  I used heart-shaped KAM snaps for the front closure (as usual) and I think that's all the details for this dress! =)

  Next, I made some bloomers. I used this free pattern from This Mama Makes Stuff again, which just happens to be a 0-3 month size. =) I added an inch and a half to the hem to make room for a casing, and taped the pieces together to remove the side seam.

  The insides are serged, and these also received a tag. =)

  The bonnet is the Peekaboo Bonnet Pattern from Made By Rae.

  I also made this in a size 0-3 months, although the sizes go from newborn to child's large. I used up all of my white bias tape to make the white piping (because I was out of white fabric at this point) and realized later I needed some for the ties! So this one didn't get finished for a bit while waiting for a chance to go to the store.

   It's reversible though! Making it with the piping on both sides entailed quite a bit of hand-stitching. It took me 1.5 evenings to finish it all, but I'll admit I'm still a slow hand-stitcher.

  The pattern was pretty decent. There are no notches, but Rae does mention marking the midpoints of each piece. Also, the curve of the brim is not notched in the instructions before turning right side out, I notched it anyway, since there was no way it was going to lay smoothly otherwise. There is no mention in the instructions of how to finish the ends of the binding for the ties, and the bulk of the piping definitely needs to be clipped away before applying the binding. Otherwise, it was a good pattern, and the results are darling.

  The toy! I am ridiculously happy with how this turned out! I used the Flower Power Rattle Pattern from While She Naps, and while I was buying that I also picked up the rattle inserts, along with some safety eyes and squeaker inserts. The green fleece is a blizzard fleece from Joann's, and the pink and yellow are from Hobby Lobby.

  I was planning on using the safety eyes for the rattle, but after a long internal debate and after realizing just how difficult those little things are to apply, I decided to embroider eyes on instead. I embroidered the mouth before sewing the rattle together, and next time I'd embroider the eyes beforehand too.

  I totally forgot to add the crinkle to the petals... oh well! The pattern suggests using a dab of lipstick for the cheeks, but I don't own any, so I used pastels instead. It will probably rub off pretty quickly but it looks adorable for now!

  The pattern is a good one, although with all the layers of fleece around the face I wouldn't recommend it to beginners. My machine was struggling with all of that!. There are no placement notches for the petals, but markings for where to start and stop sewing are included in several spots. I included a little tag on the handle/stem. =)

  Beckers is absolutely in love with this rattle! She calls it 'baby rattle' and begs to hold it every time she sees it. I may have to make her one too. =) Also, I didn't realize when I bought the pattern just how big this rattle is... it's about 9 inches tall! Here's a photo of it with Beckers, who is a size 2T, for reference. It might be a bit too big until the baby is about a year old, but I still love it. =)

  On to the card... the card was made with my Silhouette Cameo using this cut file. I changed it up a bit by not cutting the holes behind the window, adding a blue circle behind the window, changing the 'ABC' blocks to be larger and say 'GWEN' and adding white squares behind the blocks to make them stand out more. Isn't it cute?!

  The cardstock is from Hobby Lobby. =) I kept the outside simple, since the inside is so detailed, and just re-used the wainscoting piece along with the word 'Baby' cut in 'Callie Hand' font.

  Finally, the book! When I was young my mother gave me a copy of 'The True Princess' by Angela Elwell Hunt for Christmas. I've cherished it since, to the point where my sisters remember it a bit... resentfully... because I wouldn't let them touch it for fear of ruining it! It's perfect for any little girl, and happily I found a (paperback) copy of it on Amazon (affiliate link). =) And check it out... the colors go with the rest of the gift!

  Now, just because I'm so happy with how it all turned out, a couple more photos of the outfit:

  And guess what... I just happened to have a coordinating gift bag to package it all in! =)

  I hope my sister-in-love likes the gifts! =) And my niece too, of course. ;-)

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  1. Everything is so beautiful! I love that bonnet pattern, too!

    1. Thank you! I think my daughters could use some cute bonnets too, if they will actually wear them! =)

  2. It's all so cute!!! The rattle almost makes me want to sew up some stuffies. Oh, and I have that Fawn Lily pattern. You're reminding me that I need to sew it up!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy sewing stuffies... I'd sew them a lot more often, but my daughters have a ridiculous amount of stuffed toys already.
      Ooh, I'm excited to see what you make! I really love that pattern! =)

  3. That is one lucky baby ;) I love the fabric combos and the whole outfit is just darling! I have a friend who just had a micro preemie, and I'm dying to make some baby girl clothes, but knowing nothing will fit or be worn for quite a while, I'm at a loss....I may have to try a teeny fawn lily for later in the summer though - so adorable!!

    1. Thank you! =) Oh, goodness, that would be difficult. How tiny is she right now? There's a free pattern for a preemie gown here, and the smallest size is 1-3 pounds:
      Or it looks like there are a few more free patterns for preemies on this site:
      I hope you find something that works! =)