Sunday, January 24, 2016

Let It Glow Berry Shirt

  When I was finished making the dresses for the girls, I had a good-sized chunk of the berry fabric (Let it Glow Berries in Slate by Moda) left, so I decided to use it for a coordinating shirt for myself.

  I started with my woven sloper, created a yoke, and moved the waist dart into gathers at the neckline. Since it's been over a year since I last used the sloper, I had no idea if it would fit or not and made a muslin out of some flamboyant quilting cotton I had taking up room on my shelves. 

  Based on the muslin, I lowered the yoke and neckline by 1.5", brought the shoulder seam in and raised the sleeve cap by 1/4", added 1/2" across the bust, and widened the hips by... I think it was 3/4". I didn't have enough fabric for full-length sleeves like I'd originally planned, so I made short ones with bows. And the result?

  It's far from perfect, but considering how long it's been since I sewed anything woven for myself, I'm pretty pleased! The curve from the waist to hips is a little bit too dramatic, and results in kind of a fin across the hips, so I'll definitely change that next time. I may go back in and smooth it out on this shirt, even though it will mean unpicking part of the invisible zipper. I'd also add a little bit more room across the bust and straighten the side seam slightly.

  If I wanted to make it more fitted, I would deepen the back darts a little bit too... but I wanted this one a little bit more relaxed. I think I might prefer keeping the waist darts instead of the side bust darts, but this does help smooth the lines over my belly a little bit.

  The main fitting issue in the back is the armscye... there appears to be entirely too much fabric there! I'm hoping to make a set of muslins to work out that issue, but I want to do it in solid fabric so I can see what's going on better.

  As for construction, I kept things pretty simple by serging a lot of the interior:

  The yoke is clean-finished though, and has flat piping on both exterior edges. This is the interior:

  The only invisible zipper I had that would work at all doesn't really match:

  But it's not noticeable at all from the outside.

  I made short continuously bound vents on the sleeves and added 'cuffs' that are folded and top-stitched down along the top edge. The ends of the cuffs are cut in a curved point.

  I top-stitched the vents too:

  I love the way the sleeves turned out!

  And I think that's it for this shirt! I'd like to make this again in a fabric that drapes better with all of the changes mentioned above, but it may be a while until that happens. This shirt is pretty awful for nursing too, so that's something that I'd want to fix. But overall, I'm still pretty happy with it!

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  1. The fit looks great to me! I love the sleeves!!!

    1. Thank you! I wouldn't say it's a bad fit, not at all, but there are still a few drag lines I'd like to get rid of. Those sleeves are my favorite part! =)

  2. I'm all against non-stretchy things when nursing, haha! It's a great start though - love the sleeve finish!

    1. Haha, I can totally understand that! Besides the difficulty of access, there's the constant size fluctuations that are part and parcel of nursing... there's a reason I love sewing knits! ;-) Thank you!