Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2 Years: A Look Back

  Today I have officially been blogging for two years! I was hoping to have a handmade coin purse to give away with this post.... but I just moved. Instead, I'm going to barrage you with stats. =)

  I'm still a slow blogger, so I've posted an average of  1.365 posts a week here, for a total of 142 posts since I started blogging. There have been a total of 33,240 page views here!

  My most popular post is my crossover nursing dress tutorial, with over 1,500 views on each part.

  Second most popular? My very first post, with a refashion, that was featured on New Dress A Day.

   Also in the top 10 list are (from most viewed to least viewed)

Princess Seam Nursing Dress

Lace Watches

Circled Skirt

Butterfly Skort Outfits

The Original Crossover Nursing Dress

Leaf-Print Fall Dresses

Pleats and Panels Skirt

Gusseted Coin Purse Pattern

Post with the most comments? This one

Post I thought would be more popular? This one

My favorite sew? This one. I've worn it almost constantly since sewing it.

My favorite craft? The flowered phone case in this post. The resin didn't hold up and is sadly cracked and yellow now, but it sure was pretty, wasn't it? =) And the case also wasn't protective enough and my mother-in-love's iphone screen got cracked, which makes me feel terrible. I just love those pressed flowers though!

Least favorite sew? This one. Although I do like my hair here! =)

Least favorite craft? The earbuds in this post... they aren't bad, I just wasn't really happy with the outcome.

Okay, that's probably enough. I have to continue unpacking!

Thanks for stopping by,

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