Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resin Creations

  About a year and a half ago, I bought some EnviroTex Lite Resin (affiliate link) to use in this perfume locket I made for my mother. I had most of the resin left after making the locket, so I stored it carefully away and didn't use it again until now. Around that time I read this post with resin and coffee beans.

  When I was thinking of gifts for this past Christmas, the coffee bean jar seemed like the perfect gift for my coffee-loving, coffee-shop-owning brother and his wife, so I pulled my resin back out. The hardest part of this project was finding a jar with the indent in the lid, but I finally found one in a similar style to the original post, but a much larger size. Here (affiliate link) are the ones I bought, if you are looking to create something similar.
  I pretty much did the same thing as the original post, but used more beans, but I did get a lot of tiny air bubbles that I couldn't get to rise to the surface. Next time I would mix a super small batch of resin and pour it on, add the beans and let cure, then add another thin layer on top of that, and so on until it was as thick as I wanted it.

  Other than the tiny bubbles I love the way it turned out. I packaged it up with some homemade biscotti inside to further the coffee theme. =) I would have added some homemade coffee syrups etc, but since he owns a coffee shop, he has a surplus of those items already.

  Soon after I made the jar I saw this phone case tutorial on Etsy. Since my mother-in-love now has an iPhone, I made her one.

  I think this one turned out absolutely gorgeous!

  I wish I had an iPhone just so I could carry it around in a case like this.

  I coated my flowers in Mod Podge and let it dry before adding the resin.

  Also, I put the phone case on a small box so it hung above my work surface and let the resin cover the sides, since I wrapped part of the pressed leaves around to the sides. I just wiped away any resin that dripped below the sides.

  And finally, for my sister-in-love who also has an iPhone, I painted a case with acrylic paint, screen-printed on some pretty butterflies, and added resin to protect the paint.

  These are the same silkscreens that I used for my painted lace shirt last year. I added resin pretty much the same way for this case as the pressed flower case. I love how this one turned out too! =)

  It's difficult to see in the photos, but in person the underlay of paint looks like fabric, because I brushed the first thin layer on vertically, and the second on horizontally. And yes, this one only makes me want an iPhone more. =) I'd be switching out cases quite regularly.

  Next up: some more painterly things. =)

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