Monday, January 6, 2014

Technologically Challenged

  I say challenged, not because I'm terrible with technology, but because sewing things to use in conjunction with technology can be difficult. This year I sewed two tech accessories. I also crafted two, but those are for another post.

  For quite some time I've wished that my husband had some kind of fancy phone or tablet or some such so I could sew him a case for it. After all, there is only so much sewing you can do for a desktop computer! (Though I suppose a mouse-pad might be in order.) Last year, that wish came true when he received a Kindle Fire for his birthday. I made him a protective cover right away, but I really wasn't happy with how it turned out, so for Christmas I made him a new one... this time a cover/stand.

  I based his case off of this tutorial from Made by Marzipan, but altered it as usual.

  Firstly, I used my longer measurement everywhere the tutorial said width, and my shorter measurement for every length mention.

  I cut two of the first piece, and none of the final piece, so the Kindle would lean back more, since my husband usually uses his at a table or desk where he is looking down on it a bit more.

  I cut the flap to just shorter than my width, just for looks, and cut the corner pieces a bit larger for extra stability... although I should have left the one in the upper right the original size, since it blocks the top half of the volume control button.

  I also left the batting out, so it would be less bulky.

  The only things I wished I had changed, but didn't, were the snaps and the cardboard. It was far more difficult than I had anticipated sewing those tiny little snaps on with the cardboard in the way of manipulating the fabric. I also felt like the Kindle could have used two layers of cardboard instead of one, though it seems like it is holding up well so far.

  The second sewn tech accessory is very similar... a phone stand/case for my brother.

  I made some of the same changes, but also used plastic snaps before inserting the cardboard instead of sewing snaps on afterward. I also added interfacing to the fabric so the snaps wouldn't pull through, and used two layers of stiffener inside.

  Sadly, this gift was a flop... my brother had already received a case from another sibling, and the phone I made the case for turned out to be a different model than the one he actually has. In other words, it didn't fit. Since he lives in a different state, I'm not going to blame myself too much.

  My husband loves the Kindle case though! =)

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