Saturday, January 18, 2014

Corduroy And Denim Hats

 Ever since I made the kid-sized cap for Booper, I've meant to make an adult-sized version for myself. Well, I still haven't made any hats for myself, but I did make two adult-sized ones for my sister-in-love. First, a corduroy one:

  This one is a little less full than the one I made for Booper, mostly because I was short on fabric.

  I hand-sewed the band lining down this time, since I'm always disappointed with my stitch-in-the-ditch skills:

  I used a double layer of interfacing in the brim this time, and it was perfectly stiff. I do wish I'd added a bit of interfacing to the band, but it looks better on an actual person.
Just imagine it on a cute blonde instead of on me. ;-)
  Having tried it on for the purpose of these photos, I can honestly say that it is super soft and comfortable, and I had definitely wanted to keep it. I guess I will just have to buy more corduroy and make another one!

  The second hat I made was from a really lightweight denim:

  For this one I added a second strip around the circumference and cut a matching circle for the top. Next time, I'd make the second strip a half-inch shorter and the top circle a bit smaller as well, but it still works.

  This one is fully lined in a fun floral fabric, sent to me by Karen:

  It can be worn flowered-side-out, but since there is a small bow on the denim side it isn't the most comfortable of hats that way.

  The brim on both hats is shorter than a typical base-ball cap. Both were quite difficult to sew in! That extra layer of interfacing made them hard to manipulate.

  I wasn't nearly as tempted to keep this one... but I still like it. =)

  Just one more gift to show you... what I made for Gaiw this year.

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    1. Thank you! They are quite fun to make, in spite of the brim being so fiddly. =)