Sunday, July 5, 2015

Men's Jalie Tee

  About a month ago this blog post at the Shaffer Sisters reminded me that I own Jalie pattern #2918. I went rummaging through my knits, pulled out a few that I thought might possibly work, and took them to my husband for inspection. Only one of my picks fit his criterion for thickness as well as matching the 40% vertical and horizontal stretch requirements of the pattern- so I made a shirt from it! This is the same fabric I used for this cardigan- and it's really lovely. I wish I could find more like this!

  I chose a size up from his measurements, since he prefers his shirts to fit loosely, and it fits as expected! I might cut the armscye and shoulders in his actual size when I make it again- but it definitely fits him better than the ones he's been wearing. I also added two inches in length.

  This is view A of the pattern, and it's a pretty basic sew, so there's not much to say about this one. I did use wonder-tape (affiliate link) inside the bottom hem up before sewing it with a twin needle, and it worked beautifully. There's still a bit of tunneling that could be fixed by loosening the bobbin tension, but last time I did that it took over an hour of trial and error to get it back to normal when I was done.

  I was really itching to add some vinyl to this shirt, but what Joshua really needs are plain, basic clothes, so I contented myself with digital decorating. =) Like this:

  And also this:

  One more? =)

  And that's about it! He's happy, I'm happy. I'll definitely sew more of these once I get more suitable fabric.

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  1. What wonderful shirts! I really love the 'daughters' one! Your husband must feel so special when you make him things.