Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jean Skirt and Gingham Shirt

  Well, I finished the item that took up most of my Kid's Clothes Week sewing time late last night, and today I spent some more time sewing a quick shirt to go with it. =)

  This is a fairly basic a-line denim skirt, with elastic in the back, a faux-fly (not a real one, because I didn't have a zipper that would work) and front and back pockets.

  You wouldn't think a simple design like that would take 5 days to sew! But there was a lot of top-stitching involved, and I picked out a few things and re-did them.

  I had to pick out the back pockets and re-sew... they were a good two inches too low where I initially placed them. They work where they are since the back is elasticized, but if it wasn't I'd prefer them even higher.

  Those back pockets are heart-shaped, because why not? =)

  The pocket facings and linings, as well as the waistband lining, are all sewn in a pink floral quilting cotton, but I didn't get any photos of those because my camera battery died.

  I tipped the hem to be 1" longer in the back than the front, and it looks level from the side! At least it does in these photos. Booper has a propensity for pulling the fronts of her skirts very low, and the backs very high, so most of the time it's still a bit longer in the front.

  Hopefully this will be a sturdy and long-lasting basic and will get worn often. =)

  The shirt is made with a gingham knit from Girl Charlee (as usual).  It's thinner than I prefer, with not much stretch (it's only 30% if you really tug... I'd call it 20%), but it works for a lightweight summer shirt! And I love how fresh it looks on Booper.

  I used a basic tee pattern (this one) and cropped the bodice to a few inches under the arms, then added a gathered piece to bring it back to hip length. I also shortened the sleeves, although I think I should have shortened them about an inch less.

  I sewed it in a straight size 6 based on the chest and height measurements (her waist is apparently still a size 4, but that didn't matter for this design), and it fits decently. Next time I want to increase the shoulder width and slope slightly.
  I finished the neckline beautifully using the same method as the last two times, but when I went to try it on Booper it wouldn't fit over her head! I think it was the high neckline combined with the lack of stretch. I ended up cutting it off and adding a narrow band instead.

  As usual, the hem and sleeves are lettuce-edged. =) I don't like the look as much as on a stretchier knit, but I didn't want to lose any more length in either place.

  And that's it for my Kid's Clothes Week sews! There's one day left, and I'll be sewing, but the chance of actually finishing anything in the time left is minimal.

  Oh by the way! My new nephew arrived a few hours after I posted about his gifts! =) I haven't met him in person yet (we live 11 hours away) but he's a real cutie in photos.

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  1. Great job, Charity! Your top stitching is fabulous! I love the heart pockets and the feminine gingham blouse. It all looks great on Booper.

    1. Thank you! Booper was very excited about the pockets. =)

  2. Conrats on the new nephew!!
    The extra topstitching and details on the skirt make is so much better, though! Good job!!

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, it would be pretty plain without those details. =) I love top-stitching, even though it takes so long!