Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elastic-Waist Skirt

  Booper really loves fabric. Every time we are in a store that sells it, she asks if she can buy some! We were in Hobby Lobby a few months ago and she begged to buy some to make a skirt. Since she had an actual plan for the fabric (one giant fabric collection per family is more than enough!) I let her pick a quilting cotton and buy a yard of it.

  Since then, it's waited for a time when I wasn't busy with something else and she felt like sewing. A few weeks ago, the timing worked out and we sewed this skirt together! I don't think she's quite ready to guide the fabric and work the foot pedal at the same time (especially since the foot pedal on my machine is very finicky about the proper amount of pressure, and rushes from not sewing at all to lightning speed with the slightest motion) so she sat on my lap to help guide the fabric while I used the pedal.

  We did the same for serging the side seams. She did most of the pinning, and helped pull the elastic through the casing. I let her rest her hand on top of mine while I pressed the seams, but actually guided the iron myself. Even though I really did most of it, she was really happy to have sewn a skirt!

  That is, until she put it on and realized that it wasn't ankle-length! Which is why her head is cropped out in some of the photos... she was grumpy that her skirt was 'too short'. Luckily she's decided that it's fine now, and actually wears the skirt. =)

  She's been asking to buy fabric again too... but this time she wants to buy fleece and make a dress from it. I'm thinking we might wait on that idea until the weather is a bit cooler! ;-)

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  1. That's adorable fabric! The closest Hobby Lobby is over an hour away. I think the only one I've been to is the one near my grandma, but they were just opening (almost literally) so pickings were slim. I always love the fabrics people say they get there, though.
    Tell her the twirl is more satisfying on the shorter skirt :)

    1. It is more twirly this way! But I don't think she'd believe me if I told her so. ;-)
      They do have some cute fabrics! But there isn't a huge selection, since most of the store is dedicated to other hobbies.

  2. This is really cute! My oldest daughter made a skirt that looks very much like this for her first day of 1st grade (2nd day since we couldn't find a shirt to match) and my almost 4yo now wears it! I love that you let her pick out fabric, too!

    1. Thank you! I think picking the fabric was the most important part for her. =) It was hard to find a shirt that didn't clash with this fabric too... I think she needs a few more solid tees!