Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Half-Circle Maternity Skirt

  My wardrobe has been a bit limited lately. My belly is getting pretty big and most of my maternity clothes are worn out, so I was down to 3 wearable skirts, none of which were in good shape. So I did what any seamstress would do and made another!

  If you've been here since the last baby, you might remember a couple of half-circle skirts with curved waistbands I made. I liked those, but was never quite happy with the fit. This time, I decided to make a proper pattern based off my measurements. I did a lot of drawing and slashing and spreading and re-drawing, until I ended up with a curved waistband and a half-circle skirt below it. 

  I sewed it up in some black lightweight denim that I've had for a year or so, with a double layer of swimsuit lining for the waistband. And it fits! It still needs a bit of adjusting... the back portion of the waistband is higher than I'd like, and I need to level the hem. Overall though, it's miles better than the first two I made, and still a very quick sew. 

  I did a serged rolled hem on it... that led to a bit of an unfortunate rippling on the bias edges, but it worked otherwise, and was much quicker than most hem finishes would have been. However, I decided to re-hem after taking these photos... if I wasn't wearing tall shoes this skirt was dragging on the ground. I trimmed the hem down by almost two inches in the front, and an inch in the back, and it's a much better length now.

  I'm planning on altering the pattern pieces to make the back fit a bit better before making another skirt. For now, I'm just happy to have a skirt with no holes in it that isn't too tight or too loose!

  Since taking these photos, I've also sewn a knit maternity shirt... hopefully I'll get some photos of that soon! =) 

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  1. Your skirt is gorgeous! And you're glowing!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I have to admit I've felt more exhausted than glowing for most of this pregnancy.

    2. I'm so sorry you've been tired! I remember I needed lots of naps when I was pregnant.

    3. I've been taking as many naps as I can! =) I have been feeling a bit better in the past month or so.