Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Tiered Dress

  Gaiw is desperately in need of clothing- preferably dresses, because then she only needs to find one clean item instead of two. To begin to remedy the situation, I made a relatively quick and simple tiered dress.

  I started with a basic bodice shape (I just grabbed the simplest bodice that I already had printed, so I used this pattern, without all the additional features, in a size 2- based on Gaiw's chest measurement) and added a skirt with two tiers and some simple gathered sleeves.

  I was initially planning for a three-tier skirt, but there just wasn't enough fabric for that... this is the same fabric I made this skirt from a year and a half ago.

  I left the bodice un-lined, for a change, and serged the interior. The neckline is finished with bias tape- it probably would have turned out a bit better if I'd used self-fabric for the binding, but there wasn't enough left.

  There's a snap placket in the back, which uses the same binding:

  And the sleeves and hem are finished with a serged rolled hem.

  I was almost finished and thought it needed something extra, so I stitched on some of this cute green ribbon that I've had for a few years. That quick step really made it look better!

  Of course the back is done up with heart-shaped KAM snaps. ;-) Green, to match the ribbon!

  I'd prefer the tiers to be a bit fuller, but again, there wasn't that much fabric left! Gaiw thinks it is still sufficiently twirly. =)

  This dress sewed up pretty quickly!

  The lower portions of the sleeves are gathered using elastic thread, but the tiers and tops of the sleeves were gathered in the usual baste-and-pull method, which is what took the majority of the sewing time. =) I also spent quite a bit of time trying to steam the neckline bias into a curve before sewing it on- it really didn't want to cooperate!

  I'll definitely be using this concept again, but I'll probably make a few small changes.

  I'll lengthen the bodice an inch, make the skirt three tiers, and widen the shoulders by at least 1/2"- it isn't noticeable in these photos, but the shoulders are definitely too small.

  Wouldn't this be adorable in a solid fabric with a tiny floral trim accenting each tier?

  And that's it for this dress! I've also been working on a little quilt, and I have another new nephew (born a mere three days ago!) who obviously needs a handmade outfit. ;-)

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  1. This fabric makes an adorable tiered dress, Charity! It is so bright and cheerful and the green ribbon and snaps are the perfect trim. You did a wonderful job photographing Gaiw, too. There are some beautiful shots there worthy of framing. LOVE those curls! And that sweet neck! I'd spend an awful lot of time kissing that sweet little neck.

    1. Thank you again for sending this fabric! =) I'm really happy with how it looks with the green accents. =)
      Aww, thank you! I'm hoping to get a few of these printed out to send to the grandparents. =) She is pretty good for snuggles!

  2. So pretty! The green ribbon really does make a difference- it breaks up the pattern a bit and even accentuates the tier with the additional horizontal line, if that makes sense. Super cute! I really like the sleeves, too!

    1. Thank you! I agree, the tiers weren't really noticeable until I added the ribbon. =) I love puff sleeves on little girls! Sweet and simple. =)