Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birthday Two For Gaiw

 Gaiw is growing quickly,

  And is now 2 whole years old.... and finally has enough hair for pigtails!

  She's an energetic little girl, who repeats every sentence many times to make sure you understand, gives hugs regularly, adores food, and gets into everything. She loves dolls, bears, and her special blanket, and has been known to change shoes 9 times in one hour. Her clothes are also cycled regularly, and she loves to get her hair brushed. She's the messiest eater I've ever met, but she will loves to have her hands washed when she's finished. I love this little girl. =)

  I made her a three-tiered, elastic-waisted skirt for her birthday. I took a few shortcuts to make it go quickly: I left the selvedges on the strips I cut so I only had to finish the horizontal seams, used a ruffling foot to sew them together, and did a serged rolled hem instead of a proper hem. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the serged hem looks.

  The fabric was a gift from my friend, Karen. I'm so happy I finally had an opportunity to use some of it! =)

  I also made a cake, but since I was particularly short on time this year, it is undecorated. It's a classic white-cake-turned-pink, because what little girl wouldn't want a pink cake on her birthday? I frosted it with stabilized whipped cream (whipped cream plus gelatin) and some ganache. That frosting combination is definitely high on my list. =) The great thing about stabilizing the whipped cream is that it stays fluffy for a very long time in the fridge, instead of melting.

  Happy birthday, little Gaiw!

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  1. Nice.. How did you do the whipped cream with gelatin?

    1. Soften between 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of plain unflavored gelatin for every cup of whipped cream in a couple tablespoons of water. Once softened, heat gently to dissolve. Let it cool slightly and pour in while beating the cream. This is the quicker method, but I do sometimes end up with lumps of gelatin this way. My preferred method, but one that takes planning ahead by a couple hours, is to dissolve the gelatin directly into the cream, then chill the cream, then beat it.