Saturday, December 14, 2013

Denim Baby Dress And Black Onesie

 This is the outfit Beckers wore for our family photo this year:
 A denim dress, with an asymmetrical opening, contrasting, collar and waistband, and plastic heart snaps (I still love these snaps);

  and a black onesie with a ribbed envelope neckline and lettuce-edged sleeves:

  There is a reason that neither of these are worn by Beckers for the individual photos.... I made the ribbing on the onesie too big, and didn't add enough ease in the bodice of the dress. Also, the skirt of the dress is too narrow for a baby, though these proportions would have been perfect for an older kid.
  The dress is technically reversible, but since the pink side is so much lighter weight than the denim (and is also a bit too sheer) it's not likely to get much use on that side:

  Also, I DID iron this dress before taking pictures of it... but these fabrics both require extra steam to remove wrinkles, and my iron's steaming capabilities are far below average. =)

  I still like the idea behind this dress, but here's what I'd change if I were to make it again: I'd add about 1" total ease to the bodice, double the flare in the skirt, and widen the collar by an inch. Also, I probably wouldn't line the whole thing next time, just the bodice.

  Since I know you all just come here to see the baby, here she is =) (This photo was NOT posed):

  Next up, the things I wore for the family photos. =)

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  1. The heart snaps are wonderful. And I think much better as fasteners than buttons on clothing for young children.

    1. They are definitely easier to use, and much cuter than a zipper. =)