Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ruffle Skirt and Black Shirt

 I mentioned a couple weeks ago on Facebook that I ended up making 6 garments for the annual Thanksgiving family photo. Well, I finally have individual photos of a few of them. First up, a skirt made from ruffle fabric for Gaiw, and a black I'm-not-quite-sure-what-to-call-the-neckline shirt for Booper.

  The shirt collar is similar to a turtleneck, but I purposely made it soft and loose... so not quite a turtleneck.

  As you can see, I made a mistake when sewing the collar on. It was supposed to be wrong-side of collar to right-side of shirt, but I did it right-side of collar to wrong-side of shirt. I had 5 other garments to sew that week though, so I didn't pick it out, though I may still do that at some point.

  I made it longer than usual, so it looks nice and cozy, and did a lettuce-edge on the sleeves and hem, as well as the collar.

 The skirt was simple too... ruffle fabric with a plain knit underlining and a knit waistband.

  I made a mistake on the skirt too, and didn't use enough negative ease in the waistband. The knit had a lot more stretch than I'm used to! I had to unpick that, because it wouldn't stay up as it was. It worked much better the second time. =)

  The knit for the shirt, waistband, and lining, is from Girl Charlee. The ruffle fabric was on a daily deal site a few months back.

  The other garments I made for the photos are a top and skirt for myself, and a shirt and dress for Beckers. My husband was also wearing something I made though! He wore the Negroni shirt I finished this spring, which honestly is the entire reason we all wore denim and black. I don't have copies of the family photos yet, but I should have individual shots of Beckers outfit later this week, and my outfit soon after.

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    1. Thank you! I admit that the rest of my duties were sadly neglected that week though. And I just realized that I still haven't shared my own outfit! Things should settle down in the next week and I'll be able to post it then. =)