Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Long-Awaited Black Skirt

  I realized about 6 years ago that I needed a basic black skirt. I was just beginning my forays into sewing at that time, and had two skirts (neither of which fit) under my belt. The second was created using math, so I altered my math a bit and laboriously sewed up a black skirt with some too-stiff, too-shiny fabric. It was closer to correct this time, except too tight in the waist, and I actually wore that skirt a few times in spite of its issues. Ever since then, I've been looking for the perfect black fabric to make a skirt that fits. 

  A couple weeks before Thanksgiving this year, I bought the perfect black twill from Nick of Time Textiles. This stuff is beautiful! It has a soft hand, enough body for a skirt but is light enough for a shirt, and enough drape to swish beautifully as I walk. The only thing I don't love about it is its lint-attracting qualities, but I'm pretty sure that is a problem with all black twill.

  I originally intended to make a dress from it, but since I bought quite a bit of yardage (and it is 68 inches wide), I decided I would have enough to make a skirt once I'd finished all of the other garments I made that week. I made the same style of skirt as my two drop-cloth skirts, since for some reason I still had the pattern piece I'd used.

  It isn't a perfect fit, since my tummy hasn't gone down from the last baby as quickly as I'd hoped it would, but it's eons better than any other black skirt I've ever owned. And since most of the fit issue is at the lower belly, and my shirts are usually un-tucked and hit around my hips, it's not noticeable.

  I did make a couple more changes this time... I cut extra width on one side of the center front piece, with matching width on the right front, and only put buttons on that side. I also interfaced under the buttons, and made thread chain loops instead of elastic or fabric ones. And finally, I serged everything instead of French-seaming, since I had less than one day in which to sew this.

  I apologize for the last two photos... they were lovely, but adding my watermark did something horrible to them (that didn't show up until I just uploaded them) and I'm not sure why. And this next photo... it looks like I'm being all pose-y, but I was actually just making sure Gaiw wasn't playing with my tripod (which was a birthday gift from my wonderful husband).

  There you have it, a simple black skirt, which has already proven its worth by multiple wearings. =)

  I have just one more post left to conclude the Thanksgiving sewing, and it is by far my favorite of the pieces I created that week. I've been saving the best for last! =) I know, some of you are waiting to see the rest of the Christmas gifts I made, but I just can't bring myself to post things out of order like that. All in good time. =)

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