Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jalie Tee Times Three

  For my birthday last month, my husband gave me a day free from most chores and cooking. I was still on nursing and diaper duty, but for the most part I had the whole day to spend as I pleased. I, of course, chose to sew. =)

  The girls are always short on basics, so I decided to make a long-sleeved tee for Booper from Jalie 2805.

  I chose a size H based on her measurements, with added length in the body and sleeves. It worked!

  The sewing went really quickly... I was done long before the day was over!

  Since I still had plenty of time on my hands, I decided to make a matching shirt for Gaiw.

  I made hers in size F, also with added length.

  And then I made one for Beckers too... I started with size F, since that's the smallest size in the pattern, and slimmed down the sides and sleeves just a bit.

  The fabric for hers was leftover from a dress I made a couple of years ago, originally bought at JoAnn. 

  It's an interlock knit with nice stretch, but it doesn't have much recovery so it looks worn out pretty quickly. It also doesn't have the vertical stretch recommended in the pattern, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

  The fabric for the older girls' shirts is from Girl Charlee, here, bought this summer. It's thinner than I like, but is mostly opaque and has nice stretch and recovery. It's also not as soft as most of the rayon-blend knits I've used. I have a couple of yards left... definitely enough for matching shirts for Beckers and Foof, if I felt like making them!

  While this pattern still isn't a perfect fit, it's much closer than the one I've used for Booper previously. I'm definitely sewing this one up again at some point! I might add another inch or so to the length next time... I feel like these are a tiny bit short. I do appreciate the extensive size range... this is the same pattern I altered for Christmas gifts last year. =)

  All three girls love their shirts, and they've been worn quite often since I sewed them. I'm thinking a few more wouldn't hurt... I'd really like to sew some in solids and add vinyl. =)

  (The older girls' skirts were also made by me... Booper's here, and Gaiw's here.)

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  1. Jalie T-shirts! I've used this pattern so much for my girls too. It's been hacked every which way too. It's such a great basic pattern. Your girls look adorable in their new tops!

    1. Thank you! Yes, seeing a couple of the Jalie shirts you've made for your girls is what reminded me about it's size range... I had it filed in women's patterns, which isn't where I look when I want to sew for the girls! =)

  2. So funny- my husband took the kids the other night so that I could have some time to myself and I chose to sew, too! The shirts look great!

    1. It's really nice when the husbands can do that! =) Thank you.

    2. Such cute tops on adorable little girls! Just in case you don't see it, I commented on the post with Foof in the lavender dress and asked you a question. Blessings for a lovely evening!

    3. Thank you! I did see it, and replied. =) Blessings to you too! =)