Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Seventh Syrah

  Here's another item sewn for myself for after the baby arrives (which, nope, she's still not here!).

  It's another Syrah skirt (the first 6 I made can be found here) in a denim-look knit from Girl Charlee.

  I chose the panel seams option and the flat waistband for this one.

  It doesn't really fit right now- I made it the same size as my previous versions based on the fact that those fit well until I was about 6 months pregnant. So hopefully it will be perfect once this baby is born!

  This fabric is thick enough on it's own, so I didn't include a lining. As usual, the hem is lettuce-edged... I considered doing a twin-needle hem but decided against it.

  I used this fabric from Girl Charlee (bought for a fabulous price during the July 4th sale)- I like the thickness and the stretch, and the double-sided factor is interesting, although I didn't utilize it in this skirt. Sadly, the blue side of the fabric pilled in the pre-wash.

  I have more of it, and will be using it again, but the pilling was pretty disappointing!

  And that's really about all I have to say about this skirt! It's pretty basic, and hopefully will be worn a lot in the near future.

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