Sunday, January 11, 2015

Syrah Times Six

  This is currently my favorite skirt pattern.

  It's really comfortable, really flattering, and pretty quick to make.

  As evidenced by the fact that I've made 6 of them. =)

  I'm not normally a make-multiple-copies-of-the-same-pattern kind of seamstress, but I ended up a tester for this pattern right when I was feeling a lack of skirts in my wardrobe.

  I made 4 while testing different waistband variations, and I love and have worn 3 of them near-constantly since. The first, this black one, had some issues. First, I'm about 3 inches taller than the pattern is designed for. (I'm just under 5' 9") so it wasn't as long as it was supposed to be. Second, the waistband had some dipping and bulk issues with the ruching at the sides, and third, the lining was also quite short on me... and since it was above my knees it rode up even higher when I walked. Since I'd used a burnout knit I found in Joann's for this one, it really wasn't modest with that short lining. The knit also pilled really quickly.

  For my second version, I lengthened the skirt 3 inches following the pattern instructions, used the main pattern for the lining, and sewed it up in stretch lace from the clearance section of Joann's. I didn't make any waistband changes, but I love how this one turned out!

  Unfortunately, after a couple washings a bunch of stretchy strings appeared all over the surface of the fabric. I think it's a really low-quality fabric, but it was really disappointing. I clipped most of the strings off, and I still wear it, but it's a bit hairy-looking and a lot less pretty than it was to begin with.

  For version number 3, I used the revised waistband Lauren had created, and it definitely worked better than the first. It wasn't as bulky and it didn't dip at the sides nearly as much. This fabric is from Joann's, and seemed really nice at first, but it did pill a whole lot. Luckily the pilling isn't noticeable. I think this is the one I wear the very most. =)

  Version 4 was also for me, from a thin grey knit, also from Joann's. I've worn this one quite a bit. I used the flat waistband option for this one. I really love the ruched version, but I rarely tuck my shirts in, so the flat version ended working better for me.  I noticed a few days ago that this one is developing a lot of tiny holes though... so my suggestion to you is Don't Buy Knits at Joann's. The quality is just horrible.

  Anyway! Since I loved the skirt pattern so much in spite of the cheap fabrics I used, I knew my sisters would love it too. For my youngest sister, who is a delightful mix of tree-climbing fun and lady-like manners, I made this really fun camouflage skirt, using this cotton/spandex knit from Girl Charlee. She loved it, and it suited her personality perfectly.

  Since she is tall like me, I lengthened the skirt and made the lining just longer than knee-length.

  For my other, very stylish, Pinterest-loving, sister, I made this one with alternating stripes, also using Girl Charlee fabrics. This one is a bamboo/poly/lycra blend, which was interesting. It's super soft and drapey, but as you can see it bubbles between the stripes when it hangs. It was important that the fabric had 4-war stretch though. I love how this one turned out! This one is also lined, with added length.

  Basically, I traced the pattern as a whole piece, instead of one to cut on the fold, cut it apart at an angle in two places, added seam allowances to either side of each cut, and placed the resulting pieces at different angles on the fabric to cut. A bonus was not having to match the stripes, which would have been very difficult in this extra-stretchy fabric. This skirt was also much appreciated. =) Both skirts have a lettuce-edged hem, as do 3 of the ones I made for myself. =)

  I also used the flat waistband for both of them, partly because I wasn't sure whether they usually tuck their shirts or not, and partly because it was faster, and I had 22 other gifts to make . Here's a closer view of the ruched waistband on my lace version:

  Pretty, isn't it? I love that the center front and back of the waistband is flat, as is the interior of the waistband.... only the outer sides are ruched.

  The sizing and measurements on this pattern match up really well. The skirts I made for my sisters fit perfectly based on nothing more than a waist measurement (My mom actually gave me the hip measurements too, but this skirt has enough ease through the hips that it doesn't factor into the sizing). Oh, and that's one more thing I love about this pattern... it's not tight on my hips and behind!

  If you are interested, the pattern is available here.... but if you'd like to figure it out yourself, other than the ruched waistband it's a pretty basic long a-line with a shaped yoga waistband. The ruched waistband would be harder to draft though.

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  1. It's a great skirt, isn't it? I love how it swishes around. I haven't been wearing mine because I chose very summery fabrics. I need to find something nice to winterize it...

    1. It is! I love that too. =) I'll bet it would be gorgeous in a sweater knit, especially one of the beautiful ones you make.

  2. Those are really pretty! And I agree---I'm a big Joann's shopper but their knits are not delightful. I really do like the quality at Girl Charlee, though, and their prices are good.

    1. Thank you! And they are ridiculously comfortable. =)
      Agreed! I've had a few duds from Girl Charlee too, but usually they are avoidable because Girl Charlee provides a really good amount of information about the fabrics. I wish more fabric companies provided that amount.

  3. The skirts look just beautiful on you! They compliment your pretty figure so nicely. I love how the black lace one looks and am so sad that the material isn't standing up to wearing it. I think that my favorite of all the skirts is the striped one.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm sad it isn't wearing well too... perhaps I will find a better quality black lace and re-make it. =) I'm really happy that the striped skirt turned out so well! I was worried the whole time that I'd cut a piece wrong and not have enough fabric to re-cut, but it seems the worry just made me more vigilant, and it came together easily. =)

  4. These are really pretty. You do such amazing work.