Saturday, September 12, 2015

Purple Plaid

I actually made these dresses almost two weeks ago... but I was planning on making one for Beckers too and wanted to photograph them all together. Unfortunately, when I pulled the pieces out to cut hers I realized there just wasn't enough fabric left!

  The pattern is the Uptown Downtown Dress by Sew Straight And Gather (there's a women's version available now too.)

  I raised the front neckline 1 1/4 inches for both versions.

  For Booper, I made the size 6 with 8 inches added length- I probably could have just used the free maxi expansion, but I didn't want to print off and tape together a bunch more pages.

  For Gaiw, I went with size 3 and 7 inches added length.

  I should have let them hang before hemming, because the sides stretched quite a bit and are longer than the fronts and backs... there's a very small chance that I will go back and re-hem them. ;-)

  The fabric is, as usual, from Girl Charlee. And for a change, there's still some left!

  It's a pretty decent fabric, a little on the thin side and a tiny bit pilly, but overall not bad. The stretch is very nice!

  While I was careful to place the center fold of the pattern pieces on a white stripe, I didn't worry too much about lining the plaid up at the seams, because I was trying to conserve fabric. If only these girls didn't keep growing, I would have had enough for Beckers too! ;-) I do have enough for a baby-sized dress, but I'll probably just save the scraps for something else.

  The girls really love their new 'princess dresses'!

  At some point here I'm going to have to wrestle them away so I can wash them!

  But that is infinitely preferable to them being disliked, so we are good! =)

  I've got a bit of a backlog of un-blogged projects right now, but taking photos of them just hasn't happened yet. Hopefully I can get that done before this baby arrives- she is due in just over a week!

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  1. Yay! You tried out the pattern! I love all of the expansion options with it. I plan on sewing some this fall. Great job!!

    1. Thank you! This is actually the second set I've made- I made matching coral ones for all three girls this summer. =) I love the expansions too... I'm looking forward to making the cowl-neck version! =)