Monday, August 10, 2015

Two Year Old Tiered Skirt

  Beckers is now two! Which is pretty crazy, because it still feels like this happened only a couple of weeks ago. I made her a quick tiered skirt for her birthday, just like I did for each of her bigger sisters' 2nd birthdays. (Gaiw's skirt can be seen here, but Booper's was made pre-blog.)

  The skirt is made of four width-of-fabric strips by 5" for the bottom tier, two width-of-fabric strips by 5" for the middle tier, and as much width as I had left (about 32") by 6" for the top tier.

  The gathering took a while, of course, but the interior is just serged and I did a rolled serged hem to keep things simple and light.

  The skirt came out a bit fluffier than I expected, but I suspect that is due to the fabric being slightly stiffer than what I've used in the past for tiered skirts. It's the same fabric I used for this pleated skirt, which still gets worn quite a bit!

  I think it will settle down a bit after I wash it a few times, but in the meantime Beckers certainly doesn't mind the extra fluff! =)

  This little girl... she is a bundle of joy!

  Beckers is still my most shy child, but has finally started to relax a bit in the presence of other people. She'll probably still give you this look if you try to talk to her though:

  Most of the time Beckers is quiet, and seems to notice everything.

  But she is also very mischievous and loves to make people laugh.

  She's still my little snuggler, and loves to sit in my lap and rock, while sing-songing, 'rocky, rocky, rocky, rocky.'

  Beckers loves books, and carrying them around with her. She can sit and 'read' for hours!

  She also loves food, phones, and twirling. =)

  Beckers memorizes things quickly, but insists on calling things by the wrong names. For example, she called Booper 'Gaiw' for months, even though she would point to the proper person when asked where Gaiw was.

  She loves to 'wash' the dishes and help put clothes in the dryer, but she's not a fan of picking up her toys.

  We all adore this little girl!

  In addition to the skirt, I made her a chocolate cake, with cherry whipped cream covering and filling it, drizzled with ganache. Pretty much everything than can go wrong with ganache, did, so it was not nearly as smooth as it ought to have been, but it still tasted delicious!

  Speaking of which, I promised these little girls of mine each a piece of the leftovers, and seeing this photo has reminded them of that promise- so off I go to get them some! =)

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  1. Omgoodness!! <3 She is so cute! I love the post and pictures She is growing so fast!
    Don"t forget to change the about me page.... :)

    1. She really is growing fast!
      Haha, thank you for the reminder! ;-)

  2. Hey, sometimes I give people that look when they try to talk to me, hahaha :)

    1. Haha, I probably give people that look occasionally too! =)