Thursday, August 27, 2015

Black And Blue

Another maternity top- finished!

  As with the last one, this is based on my own design with a curved waist seam.

  This time though, I added quite a bit of width at the waist and a bit at the bust, so the fit is much better!

  I doubled the amount of gathers at the center front too, and did a very slight adjustment to the armscye so it's not so wrinkly.

  The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and was much more opaque than I expected for one with a white background! I'm really pleased with the overall quality of this fabric, but unfortunately it appears to be out of stock already... and I just bought this a couple of months ago!

  Because it was opaque enough on it's own, I didn't line this top at all. I accented it with some black knit (also from Girl Charlee, and actually still available!) and used a whole lot of wash-away wonder tape to keep that bitty waistline strip from rolling away while I was sewing it.

  I had some pretty black elastic that I was planning on using around the neckline, but at the last minute I decided I liked it better without, so the neckline is just folded under and stitched with a three-step zig-zag. It doesn't look quite as polished as a balanced twin needle stitch does, but it's not obvious either- and I didn't have to fight with skipped stitches like I would have with the twin needle.

  I used black thread for the lettuce-edging on the hem and sleeves to match the black waist accent and the faux-layering. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out!

  I have a couple of baby things still in progress- that quilt, which was temporarily set aside so I could clean my sewing room (it's clean now! For the first time since we moved here- I love it!) and a smocked baby dress. Hopefully I'll get the dress finished in the next couple of days. It's not turning out how I imagined it at all, but it's still cute!

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  1. I saw your smocking on IG, and I don't know what was in your head but what I saw was pretty adorable!!!
    Also--this top looks so comfy.I love Girl Charlee fabrics. I have intentions every week of buying stuff and making clothes, and every week those intentions go skipping down the lane.

    1. I think I was imagining something a lot more delicate than what I ended up with. Thank you!
      It is! This fabric is really soft! Haha, I either have to make clothes or wear ratty old stuff because I keep spending my money on fabric and there isn't any leftover to buy clothes. ;-)

  2. Your top looks gorgeous! And I had to go check out your Instagram. I am so impressed with that smocked baby dress! You remind me that I need to do more handwork...

    1. Thank you! I love handwork when I take the time to do it... but it doesn't happen often enough.