Tuesday, July 22, 2014


  It's been a while since I last posted! I've been sewing quite a bit (1.75 shirts, 2.75 skirts, 1 cropped cardigan, 1 dress) but haven't had much time to take photos where it wasn't either blindingly bright or completely dark. I finally have a few (not great) photos that I will be sharing in a few days for a fun challenge that I joined in. Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you my recent craigslist finds.

  When we first moved into this house, I found this cutting table and mat for a great deal. I love that it's large enough for me to cut the full length of a dress! The table is a little wobbly, but it has drop-leafs on either side to save room. I'd probably make a table or find something more sturdy instead next time, but it does work for my purposes, and I love the cutting mat.

  Next up! I used to play piano for hours when I was a teen... I was never great at it, but I really enjoyed it. When we moved from Oregon to Arizona, I had to leave my piano behind, and I've been searching for one since. Usually the lowest price I see on pianos is about $500 used, so imagine my surprise when I found a baby grand piano for $100! That is a deal you don't see every day. The finish is pretty messed up, but there are only two things on it that are actually broken... one of the hinges for the lid is missing, and the key cover is splitting on one side. Otherwise, it's in beautiful shape and is even in tune!

  And finally, my sister-in-love accidentally broke my sewing machine again when she was visiting last week. Since the only repairman around here who can work on computerized sewing machines is on vacation (again, I swear he has been on vacation or about to go on vacation every time I've brought a machine in there), it isn't repaired yet, and I needed a backup to complete that challenge. I figured I could spend a small amount on a garbage machine that would break in a few months, or invest in a machine that has already lasted for decades. I chose the latter, and ended up with a Singer 401a, the 'Slant-O-Matic', in a cabinet.

  It works beautifully! I'm really glad I chose this instead of a new, cheap one. It does have two problems: the spool pins are broken off and the thread goes flying while I'm sewing, and the rubber gasket on the bobbin winder is cracked and broken from age, so I can't wind any bobbins.

  It came with the original plastic cams and some bobbins and feet:

  As well as a buttonholer, which I haven't had a chance to test out yet:

  If you were reading this blog back then, you know that I also bought my DSLR on craigslist, and since then various bags of fabric and other furniture. Some people go to yardsales, I look on craigslist. ;-)

  Please visit again in a few days to see what I made for the challenge I keep talking about!

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  1. Those are some awesome deals!! You could always paint the piano... I have seen it done before and it looks super cute.
    I am loving all of the sunflower wedding posts on here, too! :)

    1. Thank you! Wasn't that a cute wedding? My sister-in-love and her family did almost all of it themselves. =)
      I'm debating whether I want to paint it, or strip it down and completely refinish it.... the second is a lot more work, but I really love the look of stained wood.