Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sunflower Wedding: The Decorations

  I've shown you the cake, the flower girl dress, and the twirl skirts I made (and the sunflower crowns) for my sister-in-love's wedding, and now it's time for some things I did not make. Most of these were made by my sister-in-love, mother-in-love, and Tia Eva.

  The ceremony was held inside the church sanctuary, and the reception was held outdoors. This was the view as I stepped inside the building:

    Then I popped through another set of doors and saw the card table on my left:

  On the right was a gift table, with a cute banner hanging above it. It said Mr. & Mrs. with the last name, which I've cropped out for privacy:

 I didn't get a photo of the center aisle, but the view from the front of the sanctuary looking out was this. The 'Reserved' signs as well as the invitations and table signs were designed by my brother-in-law. He doesn't have an online presence, but if you live in the Prescott, AZ area and need some graphics work done I can get you in touch with him... he does pretty good work and is willing to listen to what you really want.

  On the platform were more flower arrangements:

  As well as a unity candle/communion table. A Bible was added to this before the ceremony began, and they read out of it and prayed together. =)

  Now outside, for the reception area! There were pretty lights everywhere, and tiny lit paper lanterns hung along the arches. I photographed it all before the wedding began, but by the time the reception started it was dusk, so it was all even prettier:

  These sunflower balls were also hung in one of the arches:

  Tia Eva, who is the bride's aunt as well as mine, made not only favors for all the guests, but little little things to keep the kids who were attending entertained. =)

  Next to them was a chalkboard sign and some wood chunks:

  Next to that, the favors for the adults... The sign said 'Take one and watch love grow' but it was covered up a little by the favors:

  On the other side of the favors were wishes for the guests to fill out.

  And on the far side of the wheelbarrow and kid's packets was a bench for all the guests to sign with Sharpies, and the bride and groom's initials and the date woodburned into it. I love that idea!

  I only took this one photo of how the dessert tables were set up, but it was really cute.

  In between the twin dessert tables is where I set up the cake and where the big buckets for water bottles were.

  And on every table where guests would sit was a layout like this, with either a blue, yellow, or coral table square. Oh, and I actually did help with one set of the mason jar vases. =) We had originally planned to put the cake on a wood slice like that, but we couldn't find any that were big enough. I did find them for sale online a day AFTER the wedding. ;-)

  Now imagine all of those pretty decorations, combined with lots of twinkling lights:

  Wasn't that a darling, rustic-style wedding?

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