Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pink Eyelet Baby Geranium

  I've meant to make another tiny Geranium for a while now. Sadly, Beckers outgrew the free version of the pattern by the time she was 3 months old, but I have a little niece on the way, so I made one for her while I put off buying the multi-sized pattern.

  This one is pink eyelet, underlined and lined with white muslin in the bodice and just lined with a sturdier white cotton in the skirt. Once again, I hand-sewed the bodice seam so it looks just as pretty inside as out:

  I didn't add a regular hem band... instead, I extended the skirt lining by 4 3/8" and sewed it right-sides together with the main fabric,

  Then pressed and top-stitched toward the white. Once the lining and eyelet were matched up at the waist that resulted in a 2" white hem.

  I also added a 1.5" waistband from the white.... I wanted the whole dress longer, since Becker's version was tunic-length an entire month before she grew out of the width. I put a thin satin ribbon around the waist as well, both glued and stitched down, and tied it in an offset bow:

  I used my favorite plastic snaps again in the back, this time white hearts that I bought from this Etsy shop:

    I edge-stitched around the opening of the skirt, so things can't drop down between the eyelet and lining fabrics... I've seen dresses where that was a problem. ;-)

  Of course, the back looks nice from the inside too:

  The bloomers started with a free pattern from This Mama Makes Stuff, but as usual I made a few alterations. I overlapped the side seams and taped for a one-piece pattern, and added 1 1/4" to the bottom so I could enclose the elastic but still have a small ruffle. I just serged the inside of these.

  I also added a tiny bit of ric-rac in the back waistband since otherwise it's hard to tell which side is the back and which is the front, but it does make a difference in how they fit.

  I also made a little headband with some pretty elastic and a bit of eyelet. I wish I had made the bow a bit fatter, but it's still cute:

  I love this outfit! And it's really a good thing that I made it in the 0-3 month size, because I would absolutely be keeping it for Beckers if it was large enough! I have enough eyelet left that I may be able to make one in her size too... it just depends on if I want to repeat the outfit.

    The tiny baby shoes I made recently go with it beautifully, making it even more irresistible. =)

   I thought about making a white, lace-trimmed, puff-sleeved onesie to go with this outfit, but I decided against it. I'd rather spend the extra time making things for my own little girls, especially Booper, who has grown out of most of her clothes lately. I did add some store-bought white tights to the package though. =)

I've been making other things lately in addition to this outfit, but I'm not ready to share those for another week or so. Maybe I'll share my maple-strawberry Chex mix recipe. =)

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  1. That is one of the sweetest ensembles I have ever seen. I have never had a little girl to sew for, so I may need to go and kidnap one so I can make and foist adorable clothes upon her.

    1. Thank you! And I know, right?! I'm quite delighted to have three daughters to sew for, and a niece on the way! Maybe there's a little girl belonging to a co-worker or neighbor that you could coerce into wearing adorable handmade things. ;-)

  2. What a wonderful outfit for your niece! Your attention to all the details and the perfect lining make this dress so very well-made. It does make a delightful outfit with the sweet little shoes you made. Bravo! Can't wait to see what you make for Booper.

    1. Thank you! I love it when I have time to finish things neatly on the inside. =) I've finished one dress for Booper, a very simple one, and have another in the works. =)

  3. As Gaiw would proclaim, "Dress. Tute." Mucho Likeo! It's so pretty! Good job, Charity! - Hanna

    1. Ha, yes, she would. =) Thank you, Hanna! =)